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Anthony J. Dispoto, Esq.

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Contracts for Success

Legal Fortification: Guiding Businesses for Long-Term Financial Resilience and Growth

If building a bright financial future is important to you, consider making smart money moves when it comes to investing.

Anthony Dispoto, Principal Attorney of The Law Office of Anthony J. Dispoto, Esq., known as “The Contracts Attorney,” in Orange County, specializes in teaching clients to make sound business investments.

“I focus on the importance of investing in your business through protecting your business. Creating formal business structures and drafting strong contracts is the best way to keep yourself protected.,” he says.

With his expert guidance and wealth of knowledge, Anthony takes a personalized approach to advising clients.

“If you invest and spend all your time building your business or real estate profile, you don’t want to lose everything in one wrong move. Many of my clients hire me to keep their assets protected. If a client owns a lot of real estate, they usually place their real estate into one or more LLCS. If they own a business or businesses, they usually have one or more business structures to keep their personal and business assets separate.”

“The Contracts” Attorney, Anthony lives up to his name by offering contract review and drafting services for all kinds and variants of contracts including, but not limited to, Business Formation contracts, Corporate documentation, Buy/Sell contracts, contract review, negotiation and drafting, Mergers and Acquisitions contract, and Loan contracts (secured and unsecured), just to name a few. Anthony also offers general consultation and advice services for those who have questions about other aspects of their business.

Anthony’s nine years of experience in transactions practice affords him the ability to share successful strategies for business owners to make the most of their money—now and in the future.

“Another great use of legal services as an investment is to provide more certainty in your business’s future, thereby preventing the need for more expensive legal services later on. Setting up your business properly and establishing your business planning early can prevent future disputes among your business partners. Additionally, putting a Buy/Sell agreement in place between you and your partners can help you prevent any valuation disputes in the future in the event of untimely disability or death.”

As the sole employee in his practice, it’s important for Anthony to remain very client-focused by providing consistent, open communication with his clients.

“I’m a true solo, and I only take on as much work as I can handle,” he says. “I’m very focused on my core areas of concentration and often refer work to colleagues that are more specialized and dependent on my clients’ needs. I am committed to obtaining the best legal representation for my clients, even if that is not me.”

When he’s not at the office, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family, and dogs, and traveling as much as possible.

Anthony invites prospective clients to schedule a free consultation. “Check out my online reviews to see what my clients have to say!”

  • Anthony J. Dispoto, Esq.

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