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From Members of the Bend Lifestyle Team: Ways We are Grateful Heading into the Holidays

NAME: Cheryl Parton, editor

GRATEFUL FOR: “I am so thankful for my loving family and friends. Having lived in Bend for 20 years, I’m grateful for the way we all connect to each other and make our community better via shared experiences—whether through our kids, work, volunteerism or play. Every day is a gift.”

NAME: Gregg Morris, writer

GRATEFUL FOR:“Each Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the little things; the promise of snow on the trails, the post-dinner nap on the couch, and the expectation of leftovers in the refrigerator. A day of football, food, and family—given and chosen—could lay claim as the best day of the year.”

NAME: Julie E. Furnas, writer

GRATEFUL FOR:“Gratitude is something I try to practice every day. In the morning, I start my routine by writing down three things I am grateful for and try to think about those things for the rest of my day. Going into the holidays, I feel a higher sense of gratitude for everything I have and try to extend that by doing as much as I can for others.”

NAME: Donna Burklo, writer


“Fall is my favorite season. I’m in the Fall season of life as well – admittedly my best so far. Therefore, today I am grateful for wrinkled, crepey skin. I savor my scars with first pumpkin- spice latte fervor. I appreciate my capable fall season body and will treat it with kindness.”