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Monica and Piper

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Front Porch Pediatrics offers quality mobile medical care for the littlest local patients

With three children under eight years old, Ahwatukee native Monica Dohrman, PNP, knows first-hand the hoops parents and caregivers often jump through to get medical care for their children. That’s why, as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in primary care pediatric medicine, she started Front Porch Pediatrics.

“My practice, Front Porch Pediatrics, is very different from your typical primary care pediatric office,” says Dohrman. “Front Porch Pediatrics allows patients to be scheduled by a text message or phone call that is directly answered by me. There are no hold times or elevator music that can drive you crazy. My patients are seen in the convenient setting of my front porch, their own home, or frequently in their own vehicles. I offer free follow up care for the same illness, which allows for close monitoring throughout the course of their illness.”

The idea of Front Porch Pediatrics began in June 2020 while Dohrman was home with her three little ones—the youngest just three months old at the time. The pandemic in full force, Dohrman originally planned to put a pause on pediatrics and be a stay-at-home mom.

“In June 2020, it seemed like everyone, including myself, was afraid to bring their children out in the world, especially to a doctor’s office,” she recalls. “At that time, many pediatric offices were not even seeing sick patients in the office or were only doing telemedicine visits. Most offices would only allow parents to bring in one child at a time, and parents were left with few options for medical care. After consulting with friends, family, and other nurse practitioners, I decided to open my own practice—one where parents can have their children seen in a convenient, stress-free environment. There’s no germ-filled waiting rooms and families don’t have to book childcare for their other children. The pandemic really changed the way medical care was offered. It opened our eyes and allowed us to think out of the box.”

Dohrman explains that Front Porch Pediatrics treats children for common health concerns, including ear infections, asthma, allergies, strep throat, rashes and eczema, colds and coughs, and more. She also offers a telemedicine option as well for questions or to determine if the little patient needs to be seen in-person. While the practice is private pay (they do not take insurance), Dohrman says the fees are up-front and reasonable—often less than an urgent care copay. Originally based in North Phoenix, when Dohrman moved back to her hometown of Ahwatukee in 2021, Front Porch Pediatrics came with her.

“As a mom of three, I know first-hand what parents have to go through to get good medical care for their little ones,” Dohrman says. “I dealt with the scheduling issues, babysitter problems, and waiting rooms. I know how difficult and frustrating it can all be. That’s why I decided to help change the system—to help parents get the care their kids need when they need it. I hope my services can take a load off of their often-hectic lives.”

Of course, while there is the emphasis on convenience for the parents and caregivers, Dohrman says the mobile pediatric model benefits the ones who matter most—her patients.

“For children, especially those who have a fear of going to the doctor’s office, my practice is a lot less intimidating,” she says. “When I go to their homes, children get to sit on their own couch with familiar surroundings, or if they come to me, they are in a relaxed outdoor setting or sometimes they prefer to even stay in their own vehicles.”

“Ahwatukee is a very supportive community of families,” Dohrman continues. “I grew up in Ahwatukee and know what a wonderful place it is to raise a family. We are a small town in a big city, and I think a quality pediatric service such as Front Porch Pediatrics is something that Ahwatukee values.” | 623-252-9044 | @frontporchpediatrics

  • Monica and Piper
  • Monica with her children Olivia (8), Piper (2) and Hudson (5).
  • Olivia and Hudson

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