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Cool Fridges

Familiar Faces

Article by Amy Birdsong Golden

Photography by Sarah Bell, Sélavie Photography

Originally published in River City Lifestyle

What’s more fun than standing in front of your fridge? The soft glow of someone else’s refrigerator light.

Realtor Jennifer Hobson counts bacon grease, boiled peanuts, Whataburger ketchup, three kinds of cheese dip and homemade ranch dressing as staples. A tiny Le Creuset ramekin holds well-guarded (and highly regarded) spicy seafood salad from Kroger. "Feeding a family with two teenage boys, someone is always cooking," she says. Dishes high in protein are ready to go for family meals in between house showings and sporting events. Additional high protein meals are also ready for the dog via Hollywood Feed. 

Salon Owner, Rod Henson says “Hair is like pizza – it’s to taste.” Everything in his fridge is intentional – milk stored in a beautiful glass pitcher and eggs nestled in a basket. While it looks good, it makes him more thoughtful about recycling packaging on the front end. And even the flowers! Upcycled bouquets are from three weeks prior and stay fresh in the fridge as he continuously edits. His grocery list is just as edited. Rod creates simple meals with fresh Italian meats and cheeses he always keeps on hand. A filet and fresh veggies wait for husband, Chad.

Chef Samya Foster runs Samya’s Kitchen, a specialty food company, and she is the wine bar chef at Belltower Coffee and Wine Bar. Samya keeps it Food Network level pretty and organized.  Her home fridge is stocked for her three kids ranging from ages 6 to 11. It is also a feast for the eyes, which must help her kid’s palettes (along with her killer family recipes). The luscious fruits and veggies flow like a farmer’s market. The High Noons are citrus flavored and compliment all those lemons and limes.  


Jennifer keeps seeds cool before it's time to plant in her garden. A bag of bacon sits with freshly pickled and peppered goodies from her friend Jenny’s farm. Her youngest, Graydon, stocks ingredients for his Thai food creations.  Fresh fruit, fish food and real Coke round it out. 

Rod stocks plenty of Sparkling Ice, which acts as a base for a cocktail or mocktail. When the “littles” visit, it’s a fun pink drink without the sugar high. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, it makes a specialty cocktail feel more like a health tonic. Lots of Jello products are waiting (for kids of all ages) with Cool Whip to top.

Samya’s home kitchen is also a test kitchen for creating new menu items for Belltower and Samya’s Kitchen. She keeps a commercial size tub of garlic on hand. She always stocks plenty of Dana Arabic yogurt, eggplant, artichokes, and parsley. Look closely and you might spy a new appetizer coming to your local grocer’s shelves.

  • Jennifer Hobson, Realtor
  • Samya Shawa Foster, Chef
  • Rod Henson, Salon Owner