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Corners of the Heart

The Gift Of Hope: Empowerment Of Mind, Body And Soul

Article by Becka Materne

Photography by Art by Becka Materne

Originally published in Frisco City Lifestyle

Ever wondered what it takes to have hope that withstands adversity?

Hope is expecting positive outcomes. In a way, that sounds like a cliche of false positivity. Yet, without hope, we have empty expectations and those easily can cause us to lose motivation to expect the best in life. 

I know from personal experiences that hope is the catalyst that pushed me to overcome deep adversity. Without hope pushing me through murky waters, I wouldn't have been able to hold on and see myself to the other side. Hope pushed me through.

If there's one thing needed through this year of new experiences with global adversity and unprecedented obstacles, it's Hope, which can enable us to make it into 2021. Hope is a mantra and an empowerment of the mind, body and soul. 

Hope brings healing. I think of a wound that needs tended to and I'm reminded each wound takes time to heal. Some need tended to more, and others not so much. The expectation of the positive outcome is wounds will heal with care and time, healing will come.  

With healing comes freedom. This is the place in which Hope takes on a maturity that is now capable of standing strong on its own. Through adversity, hope is always dependent on getting through the obstacle and into a place of safety. In other words, where Freedom reigns strong. 

As I imagine us walking through this last month of 2020, the picture in my mind is the healing before the freedom. The journey into 2021 is hope that healing is taking place, wounds are being tended to and freedom does exists on the other side of this season. 

If there is one thing I can extend to you, that would be to give you each the gift of Hope. 

Obstacles will always be part of roads we each walk down. How we handle adversity is key in experiencing hope, healing and freedom. Because of the obstacles I've journeyed, I completely believe in hope, healing and freedom. I know they are not only possible but most definitely available and attainable.  

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