Corners of the Heart

Walk Your Pathway For New Year

“Don't be afraid to start over. This time you're not starting from scratch, you're starting from experience.” – Unknown

New Year happens like clockwork -- so does New Year resolutions! If there is one thing that gets regularly recycled, it is our resolutions. How many times do we make the same resolution, and how many times do we get disheartened? I needed a way to stick to my resolution and this affirmation quote really empowered me.

As an artist, I believe that my art brings joy and healing. Why not allow my art to motivate me to keep my own resolution? I looked toward this painting for that affirmation. There is no need to fear the pathway. Our life experiences don’t come with a certificate; it may not be connected to the challenge we are facing, but we have to believe that within us there is everything needed to resolve it. Believe!

This painting, called Flame of the Forest, is uplifting, and there is a pathway that signifies solutions and destinations reached…we just have to decide to walk on that pathway.

Let’s all reach out to each other for support and success!

For purchase inquiries, email:  Janak202130@gmail.com.


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