Corners Of The Heart

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Minutes away from delivering my welcome speech, I glanced at my note cards and heard my name, “Bindu, do you remember me?” My eyes quickly searched the face of this woman and with no luck I responded “I am sorry but I do not, can you please refresh my memory?” Her response, “In 2008, you were in my office with two little boys. You just learned that your ex husband had closed your account without any notice. I have been watching you on social media and knew you had remarried. I know that you are now an entrepreneur. As soon as I saw that you were coordinating a conference, I bought tickets for me and my sisters. I wanted to be here to help support you.” I was in utter shock. With tears streaming down my face, I embraced this beautiful woman. This woman helped me rebuild my life after a divorce.

She reminded me constantly that if I thought positively, I would attract positive outcomes. Her words were etched in my heart. I spent the next 10 years speaking into existence my growth emotionally, physically and financially. I fought the stigma that I would fail as a single mother, that I would never be able to successful in my career, that I would never find love again. The journey was not an easy one. Every day, I reminded myself that I have the power and the mindset to make positive changes in my life. I have the
power to create my destiny. Never underestimate the power of a positive mindset.
Bindu is the Founder and CEO of a women’s empowerment company: Ignite It global.

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