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Corners of the Heart

Is Happiness a Myth?

The glance between two people can communicate plans for the future or a budding romance. It’s a beautiful thing to witness or to be a part of.

Love, like art, can be complex in nature, evolve over time or simply just happen. My family calls me “The Happy Artist," not because I paint to become happy, it’s because my life is happy and I want to share it. I want to communicate the same feeling a hug or a kiss does, only in color and within four corners of a canvas.

Creating art without heart would be impossible for me.

Understanding What We Love

My husband tells me “you don’t create art, you are art." He’s such a kind and loving person. Love is the fuel igniting my creativity and art. Art helps us to understand people by highlighting details and beauty in everything we ignore. We don’t see the flowers on our way to work or the beauty of the aged person happily people-watching. These things are taken for granted, but they are an ever-present part of everyone’s life. Art shines light on things that complete our world, and it reveres the details. This helps us to better understand people and places, which allows us to have some comfort but also the ability to instigate change when needed. It helps us be happy with the things that are good but also understand what's left to improve in different places and in the lives of the people that live in them.

An Optimistic Outlook

No doubt we all want to be happy. Often we look to others, things or events to make us happy. My artistic goals are to focus on feelings that make me feel good and to do all I can to help others feel good, too.

Hearing from another's heart is inspirational. We've invited Milessa Murphy Stewart, a local Frisco Artist, to share a corner of her heart with you in this month's issue. An interesting fact about Milessa, she has painted more than 500 pieces, most of them in the last five years.