Cornerstone Construction Company: Building A Family Legacy

At Cornerstone Construction Co. family means everything. From the time he was born, President/Owner and Licensed General Contractor Zach Goodgame grew up going along to job sites with his dad Tommy Goodgame, who owned local concrete company Concrete Unlimited. Throughout his early years, his
father engrained in him the importance of a hard work ethic and principles of operating a business. Zach learned everything literally from the ground up as he worked alongside his dad as a teenager pouring concrete. When he found out he was expecting his first son, Zach knew he wanted to build a good foundation to provide for him. By the time he was almost 20, he started to feel the physical pains of the backbreaking concrete industry, which led to a new dream and sparked his interest in home construction. After spending several years working for a company in the construction trade, he pursued his contractor’s license in his early 20s, and started to build houses on his own. In 2015, he took a leap of faith and followed in his father’s footsteps by launching his own company Cornerstone Construction Co.

The Franklin, TN native combined his expertise and inspired vision to build his homegrown business in Franklin, designing custom homes with creative vision.
“We’re local to Franklin, Tennessee. I was born and raised here. It’s not like I plan on going anywhere, so I have a reputation to maintain. We pride ourselves on keeping up with modern design and building practices but preserving old school business morals, where looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand means something.”

Even when going out on his own to start the company, Zach kept the family spirit strong in his business by having his sister Kaci Goodgame serve as Office Manager, Account, and Billing Professional, overseeing all of the logistics and behind-the-scenes elements that keep the business running. In some of his early builds, his dad’s company was even hired to pour concrete driveways on the houses. While he may not be blood, Principle Project Manager, Superintendent, and Consultant Allen Bledsoe, is a vital part of the Cornerstone Construction family. “We would not know what to do without Allen. He keeps
the ship on course,” explains Kaci.

At Cornerstone Construction Co., no idea is too big or farfetched. With clients having creative input from start to finish, Zach and his team work to bring clients’ dreams to life as they build luxury homes on some of the most beautiful land in Williamson County. The business slogan for their father’s company
was “No Limit” and like his father, Zach has a similar motto for his company. “There is no limit to what we can build." Along with their creativity and stunning designs, the Cornerstone team is known for their attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship in each home they construct.

The ties between the Goodgame family were strengthened even more when their father passed away unexpectedly last April. The lessons and wisdom that their dad passed on to them throughout their lives are carried into the work they do every single day, as they keep his legacy and spirit alive. “Our dad was quite the character,,” shares Kaci. “What was really unique about him is how he treated every client like a friend. I mean Dad had more friends than anyone I knew. He really, really did like to get to know the people that he serviced and the community around it.”

As they continue to grow both their father’s business Concrete Unlimited and Cornerstone Construction Co., their father’s example of integrity and relationship building can be seen in the very personal way they conduct business. From their staff to their clients, everyone they come in contact with is treated
with the utmost transparency and openness, being cared for like family. “My vision for Cornerstone is to leave behind a legacy my children will be proud of,” says Zach. At Cornerstone Construction Co., the Goodgames continue to keep the family spirit and their father’s legacy alive as they build new houses for families to make memories in for years to come.

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