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New Year’s Resolutions Need a Little Help? What to Expect at EDB Med Spa

EDB Med Spa, which recently opened in Hillsborough, offers a variety of cosmetic medical procedures ranging from blepharoplasty (the removal of excess skin from the eyelids) to liposuction in a resort-like setting.

The medical spa is owned and operated by Dr. Edward D. Buch, the NJ Top Docs surgeon whose monogram is in its name.

Dr. Buch, who specializes in laser hair removal, laser facial resurfacing, laser liposuction and platelet-rich plasma procedures, tells us all about the latest anti-aging techniques and technologies that will make us look and feel better about ourselves for years to come.

I’ve never had a cosmetic medical procedure before, so I’m a little nervous. What can I expect when I come to your office?

This is an inviting space that’s meant to put you at ease. I conduct free consultations, where I give you an honest evaluation of how the procedure will work on you and tell you if another modality would be better.

Despite the “spa” name, these are medical procedures.

We use the latest technologies so that the procedures are minimally invasive with minimal to no recovery time. I personally test all the devices on myself to see how they feel so I can be honest with my patients. While patients can expect minor discomfort with these procedures, they should not experience pain. 

You mentioned minimal recovery time. How minimal is minimal?

It depends on the procedure. With liposuction, for instance, which takes about two to two-and-a-half-hours, you can return to work after one to three days. Many of the procedures require no recovery time and are performed in about a half hour with some requiring more than one treatment for optimal results. 

How much do the procedures cost?

It depends on the procedure, of course, and because they are medically cosmetic, insurance doesn’t cover the cost. However, nothing we do requires anesthesia, which is a substantial saving in the overall cost of the service. 

Why do you think more people are opting for cosmetic medical procedures?

People want to look better and younger without any major setbacks or downtime. Many of the current modalities allow people to achieve this goal as they continue their active lives. 

What’s the most popular treatment at EDB Med Spa?

Botox injections, because they are quick, and there’s no downtime involved.

You also offer aesthetic facials and hormone replacement. How do they work?

Our experienced esthetician performs medical-grade facials, peels, micro-needling and dermaplaning as well as acne treatments. 

Hormone replacement allows women to restore their youthfulness, manage hot flashes, ignite their sex drive and treat bone loss that typically occurs as they age. Men who have this procedure can maintain muscle mass and bone strength. This is performed by inserting hormone pellets under the skin with natural plant-based material. This procedure can last for several months as compared to daily hormone injections or pills that do not maintain consistent hormone levels. 

What are some of the newer procedures and treatments that you offer?

Technology has changed the way we perform some of our procedures. With liposuction, for instance, we often transfer fat from places where it is not wanted to other parts of the body, usually the breasts and the buttocks. There’s a new laser device called BeautiFill that makes the fat more saturated so when it is transferred there is minimal tissue loss, which yields longer-lasting results. This procedure is conducted under local anesthetics, which avoids risks traditionally associated with general anesthesia. 

Additionally, the old CO2 laser has been replaced by the Opus Plasma device, which is used to treat sun damage, wrinkles and scars with minimal downtime as compared to the older technology. Patients can expect some redness in the treatment area for 24 to 48 hours, none of which should prevent the patient from resuming daily activities the next day.

Can you explain EDB Med Spa's motto?

EDB Med Spa’s motto is “Growing old is obligatory but looking older is optional.” To look your best, I recommend that people do routine maintenance, which varies depending on your age. Every patient receives an individual treatment plan, including routine follow-up visits, because I want them to have a positive outcome and to be happy with their results.

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