Covid-Era Housewarming Party Ideas

How to show off your new home or remodel while keeping everyone safe

How do you celebrate a new home or completed remodeling project to loved ones when health officials say parties as we know them are a major no-no during the Covid-19 pandemic? Luckily, there are ways to still show off your new digs while keeping everyone healthy.

1. Post a video of your new home or living space online via YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. This way everyone still gets to enjoy your new home from the comfort of theirs.

2. Host a virtual housewarming party. Send out email invites with links to a Zoom or Facebook meet-up on a specific date and time. You can have everyone grab their favorite beverage to toast the new home, or ask them to pick up a specific one for the event. (How about sharing your favorite cocktail recipe.)

3. Hold a drive-by party. Set up a table with goodie bags of treats and party favors for your guest to pick up as they travel past, as well as a gift table. You can also make a brochure with photos of the home’s interior for everyone.

4. Party outside. The safest way to host a gathering is in your yard or a near-by park. Set up outdoor tables, place seating six-feet apart, and fire-up the grill. (But make sure people get their food one person at a time.)

5. Host Housewarming Day (or Week!) If you really want people to physically see your home, schedule a visit, one or two guests at a time, throughout a day or week. Open doors and turn on the lights so guests don’t need to touch anything, and have everyone wear masks and use hand sanitizer before entering. Send them off with a party favor, and then disinfect before the next visitor.

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