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Photographed on location at FOUND Home & Design | 7131 W Ray Rd., Ste. 13, Chandler |

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A Warm Welcome Awaits

How to create a cozy retreat for holiday guests

The holiday season is upon us and for many Valley residents, that means visitors are headed to our homes. As we get closer to a time filled with family and friends, homeowners will be looking to find the best ways to make their overnight guests feel welcome and comfortable.

If you aren’t sure where to start or what to look for when it comes to making guests feel like they are stepping into a little piece of luxury, here are some great options for any guest bedroom spruce-up.

Neutral color palette

First things first, make sure the room is open and bright. Using neutral colors in bedding, walls, and window coverings is the first way to help your guests feel welcome. Think soft white comforters, blended with grey throw blankets, and lots of pillows for the bed.

Greenery and florals 

While you should keep things simple, try not to be too simple and stark where the room just becomes a bed with four white walls. Add vibrancy to the space by incorporating a touch of greenery and beautiful flowers.

Thoughtful amenities

When creating your guests’ oasis, make sure they have all the luxuries that hotels offer. Post the Wi-Fi name and password on a cute display and set up a multi-plug charging station for all their electronics. Equipping the nightstand with a humidifier or infuser, along with a white noise machine, helps create a sense of calm and can ensure the most restful night’s sleep. 

To further help make your guests feel like they are getting a luxury experience right in your own home, be sure to add creature comforts: stock the closet with things like a cozy robe, slippers, extra pillows, and blankets. 


Personalized touches

Be sure to check with your guests ahead of time to see what sort of late-night snacks they might want to indulge in and leave a basket with some of their favorite options on a side table or dresser.

If your guests like to read, consider putting in some of the latest magazine issues. Provide a variety of options based on your guests’ tastes. Perhaps include the latest offering from their favorite author or a book that you enjoyed.

No matter how you decide to style your guest room, be sure your space offers your loved ones a luxurious and memorable experience.

  • Photographed on location at FOUND Home & Design | 7131 W Ray Rd., Ste. 13, Chandler |