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Bringing Your Visions to Life

With Atrium Constructions

A generational business, Atrium Constructions prides themselves in bringing visions to life with their expertise in high-end residential and commercial construction. With 30 years of experience, the business runs in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Atrium Constructions has merged companies and built a reunion of people who love and know construction, building high-end houses and industrial and commercial sites. The team has 20 plus years of experience in project management, and almost 10 years of experience in buying and distributing construction materials. Their services include: demolition and construction, exterior and interior remodeling, in-house design support, and a maintenance solutions program.

Atrium Constructions is a Connecticut-incorporated company and takes great pride in being an integral part of the thriving community of Greenwich. Their team consists of proud residents of the remarkable town.

"We understand the importance of shared values and are dedicated to upholding them. Greenwich, renowned for its strong sense of community, integrity, and pursuit of excellence, aligns perfectly with our own vision of putting integrity first and excellence in all we do. Our commitment to providing top-quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and innovative solutions mirrors the values that Greenwich represents."

GL: Our March issue is all about home design and construction, why is it important for people to keep their home in good condition? 

AC: Keeping your home well-maintained and up-to-date is a matter of personal pride and essential for your overall comfort. It not only contributes to a sense of tranquility but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring your family's physical and financial well-being. Moreover, it's worthwhile to consider strategic home improvements as an investment opportunity, especially given the current high interest rates and low housing inventories in Greenwich and surrounding areas.

By investing in remodeling and upgrading your home now you position yourself for future gains. As interest eventually start trending downwards (which may happen sooner than later!), having a newly updated home can serve as a valuable asset for various real estate opportunities. Whether you aspire to trade your house for your dream location, upgrade to a larger property, or even downsize and make a profit, Atrium Constructions is here to help you. We are fully committed to crafting your dream into reality! Let us guide you on this exciting journey towards achieving your goals!

GL: What types of projects do you focus on and what has been the favorite to work on? 

AC: Our favorite project is the one that is concluded to our client's satisfaction. Our legacy of 30-plus years of combined experience in luxury residential and commercial construction builds puts us in a comfortable position to carry out whatever project comes our way.  

We are presently managing 21 projects in Greenwich and other parts of Connecticut, Westchester County, Bronxville, New Jersey, and Manhattan, where we just opened our second office at the Rockefeller Center due to clients' demands. The projects vary from luxury houses to large and medium-sized remodeling of houses and/or apartments and large and medium-sized commercial sites. We are optimistic about future perspectives. 2024 looks promising, for we have an important pipeline of projects under consideration, from luxury residential houses to apartment buildings.

GL: What makes Atrium Constructions unique?

AC: We are a group of focused, motivated, specialized, and multifunctional professionals. We do not only manage construction projects. We also possess firsthand experience in the actual construction process. Our team has extensive on-the-ground knowledge and building expertise, allowing us to approach projects with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the practical and technical aspects involved.  For example, our CFO not only possesses a comprehensive understanding of financial and budgetary matters in the construction industry, but he also brings to the table a wealth of expertise as an electrical engineer. His profound knowledge and experience in this field greatly contribute to our ability to effectively address the intricate technical aspects of our projects.  Our COO, who also leads our project management team, brings to the table a wealth of experience as a civil engineer with profound knowledge of all aspects of a construction project. With his expertise, he is able to delve deep into the intricate details of the process, making significant contributions towards enhancing the execution and success of our projects.

Another characteristic of our work is the close relationship we develop with all designers to ensure we bring their vision and ideas to life. Flexibility is in our DNA! So is our willingness to work together as a team with the designer's team and make the whole process fluid, smooth, efficient, and enjoyable to everyone, particularly to our client.

Atrium Constructions has two offices located at:

10 New King Street, Suite 202, West Harrison, NY, 10604

600 Fifth, Rockefeller Center, NYC, NY, 10020.

You can contact them and learn more: 914-875-3193 @atriumconstructionsllc or

"We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first, ensuring that their vision comes to life as a result of high-end craftsmanship, quality service, and dedication."