Create a Cozy and Welcoming Guest Room

Your Guests May Never Want to Leave

Expecting company this holiday season? If so, turn what may be a rather plain, sterile extra bedroom into a lovely and comfortable guest room. Here to help is Jenny Lanker, co-owner of Area Rug Connection, and Victor Ellingsen, its manager and designer extraordinaire.

“For bedroom rugs, most folks typically want something pretty, luxurious and soft under the foot,” says Ellingsen. “We usually encourage accompanying that with a nice pad that'll soften it up even more.”

Since many of the colors in a bedroom usually come from bedding and drapes, Ellingsen and Lanker often recommend a rug with muted colors. A neutral color rug allows more versatility when it comes to picking other fabrics in the room.

“A bolder print or pattern can be used in an accent pillow or the artwork in the space instead,” Ellingsen notes. “We have such a wide variety of pillows that we sometimes joke that we could be the ‘Pillow Connection.’ We have bespoke hand-made pillows that are made out of vintage Turkish rugs and really fun pillows made out of velvet, linen, leather and other fibers.”

While Area Rug Connection doesn’t carry bedding, they work with a couple of different companies and can help with customers’ special orders.

“We do have beautiful throw blankets that people can cozy up in and read a book,” states Lanker. These can be draped over an ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed. The store carries a great selection of benches and ottomans for visitors to set their luggage upon or to sit down and put on their shoes. “We also have chairs that can be placed in a corner or somewhere else in the room so guests can have a nice place to sit and relax.”

The store also carries a great collection of gorgeous lamps and other lighting to offer guests soft, gentle light. “Another thing people can do in a guest bedroom to make it even more cozy is to add candles,” Lanker suggests. Customers can find those as well as candle holders, baskets, vases, trays and other items that make a room feel comfortable and welcoming. The store also displays artwork by well-known designer, Amber Lewis.

In addition to all of this, Lanker takes frequent buying trips to bring in pieces from all over the world, including China and India. “I found an altar table made from a 100-year-old beam from a farmhouse in Mongolia, and a vintage 150-year-old chest from China that was on the steps of a Buddhist temple.”

Many homeowners may feel overwhelmed by all these possibilities, but not to worry. Lanker, Ellingsen and the other design consultants are all on hand to help. They can collaborate with customers to create that perfect room for guests. The only problem may be that the guests may never want to leave!

Items for a cozy and welcoming guestroom:

Soft, Cushiony Rugs Add Warmth and Comfort
Pillows and Throws Add Comfort and Luxury
Lamps and Candles Are Perfect for Muted Lighting

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