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Make a spring-inspired brunch menu

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Create a Dreamy Spring Table

Throw a Mother’s Day Brunch to Remember By Bringing the Outside Splendor In

Choose a spring color palette. Seek inspiration from what’s happening outdoors. Even if you don’t have expansive gardens, look to nature and pull colors that speak to you.

Bring the outdoors in for the prettiest spring table. Nothing says “spring” quite like flowers. Creating a tablescape that reflects the season includes incorporating those outdoor elements. Look around your landscape and see what you can add. From tulips to peonies, roses to hydrangeas, there is much to bring indoors from nature. Have allergies? No worries! Faux flowers are just as lovely. 

Make a centerpiece. Incorporate outdoor elements into a gorgeous centerpiece in your favorite container. Think: urn, basket, bucket, even a toolbox. 

Break out those “special occasion” dishes. Take your fine china out of storage and use it! What’s the point of having pretty things that we keep in storage and never use? You can dress it up or down.

The only limits we have are ones we place on ourselves. We should not wait until a “special” occasion to use china. Every day, every occasion, is special.

Add some pretty table linens. I know it’s sometimes easier to use paper napkins, but break out the linens. There are so many beautiful and inexpensive options out there that will up your tablescaping game, making it feel more elegant and cozy.

Create a spring-inspired brunch menu. The menu is just as important as the décor. Choose dishes that include flavors of the season that are light bites, such as finger sandwiches, quiches, muffins and pastries.

Remember the candles. Candles add a lot of mood lighting—even in the daytime. Nothing says “cozy” more than some dimly lit candles both on the table and around the room.

Stacy Ling is a home and garden blogger in Bernardsville. A self-taught master gardener for over 20 years, she enjoys helping others find their inner green thumb and shares her passion for gardening with her decorating and entertaining style. Follow Ling @bricksnblooms on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest, or visit her at

Cucumber Sandwich with Cream Cheese

8 oz whipped cream cheese

2 cucumbers, thin-sliced

1 loaf thin-sliced bread

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on two slices of bread.

Top one with sliced cucumbers.

Put the two pieces of bread together to form a sandwich.

Cut off the crust. 

Cut into triangles.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Choose a spring color palette
  • Make a centerpiece
  • Add some pretty table linens
  • Break out those “special occasion” dishes
  • Break out those “special occasion” dishes
  • Stacy Ling sets a spring table
  • Nothing says “spring” quite like flowers
  • Make a spring-inspired brunch menu
  • Remember the candles
  • Make a spring-inspired brunch menu
  • Make a spring-inspired brunch menu