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Work From Home in Style

Right now is the perfect time to set up a comfortable office space in your home.  FORM STUDIO in Denver offers some tips on how to set up the perfect home work space. 


Amanda, Lisa and Madison met in the fall of 2018 and bonded over a love of all things design. The three often talked about combining forces and creating a business based on interior design and shoppable home goods. FORM STUDIO COLLECTIVE was started on January 1, 2020 when we officially signed a lease on a brick and mortar storefront. Here we have created a shoppable design showroom showcasing our love of modern design, vintage accents, and curated home goods. We offer services such as; interior design, kitchen and bath design, and organization.  All services are available virtually at the moment, while we deal with COVID-19 closures. We are happy to jump on a video consultation of your space while you are cooped up at home!

Tips on Setting Up a Home Office 

Madison: Start with a clean slate. Clear off your dining table or makeshift desk area and bring only the essentials - computer, pen, and paper. Also, lighting! Make sure you have ample lighting to work in your space.  

Lisa: Play some music that keeps you motivated and inspires you, gather your favorite pens for taking notes, etc. and get up and move! Move to a new space in your home to start your next "to do".