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Create In-Home Calm And Efficiency

Tailored Living Team Helps Evaluate And Organize All Types Of 'Stuff'

Mindy Bledsoe, owner of Tailored Living of Nashville, is ready to help eliminate the chaos and create peace in homes. 

“People think of their home as a sanctuary, a safe place with your family. We can make that even better if we organize our stuff,” says Mindy. “Tell us what’s important to you, and we’ll observe how you use your space now; I can show you ways we can improve it in terms of really making it function well. The area people want to work on first is whatever is driving them crazy, spaces that people interact with daily, multiple times a day. They really do need to be highly functional to meet the needs of a busy family.”

One of the key areas customers are seeking help with is the master closet. “If you’re not organized, you aren’t fully using your wardrobe. Life is too short to stress out whenever you go to the closet," she says. "As your wardrobe and fashion trends change, so can your Tailored Living closet. They’re adjustable and changeable, and heights can be adjusted down the road."

Mindy adds that these closets have the flexibility to adapt, but the beauty of them is that they are designed specifically for the "stuff you have -- whether 400 pairs of shoes or six, we can evaluate and help customers make the best choices."

And don’t forget the pantry. “We’re going to have a conversation about what you find aesthetically pleasing and then create an organized system where using the vertical space allows you to see what you have, and you aren’t wasting money buying things you already own," she says. 

Mindy and her husband, Tim, opened the doors to Tailored Living in 2017 after Mindy worked for a widely known closet company for 13 years. “The past five years have been a bit of a whirlwind, in the best possible way. We take pride in offering solutions that leave our customer's homes better than we found them while also providing a workplace where employees know they are appreciated and a valued part of the team.” 

At the beginning of 2022, Tailored Living was recognized as North America’s Tailored Living Franchise of the Year.

Mindy says she has customers covered if they are concerned about allowing outsiders into their personal space.“I’m mindful of that. People are embarrassed about their messy places. Don’t be," she says. “Life is too short for shame. We can help people deal with that stress and the spaces that embarrass them. We’re not there to judge; we’re there to help. Remember, life is too short for shame!” 


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