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Created From Cactus

PXG's 100% Vegan Cactus Leather Handbags Define the Next Generation of Eco-Conscious Fashion

Stylish, modern, classy… and the ultimate in eco-conscience fashion.

Meet the Cactus Leather Handbag Collection from PXG—Parsons Xtreme Golf—the cutting-edge global company founded by Bob Parsons that’s headquartered in Scottsdale.

The collection includes six modular styles, including a duffle bag, tote bag, backpack, phone case bag, and sling bag, made to be both functional, organizational, and stylish. There are adjustable straps and strap options, and subtle details such as gunmetal hardware dog tags add the modern and edgy vibe that is synonymous with PXG’s products.

"My top priority for this handbag collection was to create a line of handbags designed thoughtfully with modular and adaptable functions, offering our customers various styles that are perfect for any occasion. Our bags are elevated, eco-conscious, versatile, and trend-driven," says Renee Parsons, president and executive creative director of PXG Apparel. 

The Cactus Leather Handbag Collection is not only 100% vegan but regenerative—which is the next-level in eco-conscience fashion, supporting circularity either through upcycling materials that are otherwise discarded or through the soil-to-soil cycle of regenerative agriculture. The nopal cactus species are hearty and grow quickly, and the same plant can be harvested every six to eight months. (Fun fact: It takes approximately three leaves of cactus to create one linear meter of this cactus leather.)

PXG worked with the team at Desserto for its cactus leather to create the bags.

"Cactus leather was the perfect eco-conscious material for our handbags, not only for its sustainable and self-generating nature, but also because PXG is based right here in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by the desert prickly pear cactus. Partnering with Desserto was the obvious choice as they are the leader in this material and their brand ethos is aligned with PXG's. We appreciate their incredible and unrelenting commitment to creating a material that does not sacrifice resource efficiency for quality,” she says.

Find the bags at local PXG stores or at