Creating an Adventurous Space

Q & A with Blogger and Mommy, Vanessa Johnson

Tell us a little bit about this space and what the goals were when starting the project on your son's room.

I wanted to design a space for him that would allow his curiosity and his imagination to grow.  I didn’t want bulky furniture taking up most of the room, so I choose this fun open bed frame to begin my inspiration. 

Where did the inspiration come from for color scheme and theme?

I built the colors and theme off of his pre-existing room but wanted to develop it more and make the look complete by adding a few key elements such as the bed, wallpaper, and rug. The main elements were the black and white, natural wood elements, and an outdoorsy adventurous theme. I wanted to add color and worked with the orange accent pieces we already owned.

What textures or patterns helped make this space dynamic and interesting?

The wood planked wallpaper adds so much texture -- it’s so realistic looking. I love mixing patterns, and the rug is such a dynamic piece in here. These are two of my favorite additions in here and they make a huge impact.

Did any part of the project start as one thing and end up going another way through the creative process? 

The gallery wall space that includes the bulletin board and toy shelf evolved as I put the room together. I had a few different options as to what should hang on that wall, and after trying a few different combinations, this is what I settled on. Nearly every project I do evolves and changes somehow, and that’s when the fun creative challenge begins!

What are your favorite pieces in this space?

The bed frame really steals the show and is the focal point of his room. We gravitate here with all the kids to read before bed. It just feels so cozy, and it’s easy to pile in with the bed being on the floor. When he gets older or needs a regular bed frame, this can be used as a fun place for toys in the playroom or homework station with a desk inside.

This project was a fun one.  I didn’t start from scratch but used many things we already owned. I always suggest to shop your house first and see what you can use before buying new. I even pull things from other rooms and repurpose them to give them new life.


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