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Only the Best for Your Smile

Cutting edge options with Berger Orthodontics

Article by Lila Ruppe

Photography by Sean McNeil, Aspen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

One Arvada practice is changing the face of traditional orthodontics by utilizing innovative, technology-based solutions to bring the brightness back to your smile. Located at 14749 West 87th Parkway, Berger Orthodontics offers a variety of high-tech dental alignment options to make patients feel more confident with their appearance. From unique braces to an inventive at-home monitoring service, Berger Orthodontics is keeping up with the cutting-edge technology in their field.

Dr. Michael Berger, the practice’s head and namesake, is committed to ensuring that his patients are beaming when they leave his practice. “I’ve invested in technology that improves our patients’ experience in meaningful ways. We can reduce treatment time with fully customized appliances, eliminate unnecessary in-person appointments through remote monitoring, and offer aesthetic options that hide braces behind teeth,” he says.

Berger Orthodontics utilizes modern, digital technology to create treatment plans. This ensures a speedy treatment, as well as a reduction in inaccuracies from using traditional braces. The process begins with using a high-tech camera to take a digital 3D impression of the teeth and bite.

That impression is used in conjunction with specialized treatment planning software to design the final tooth positions, bite and smile before moving a single tooth. Dr. Berger explains, “It’s similar to how an architect would design a building before starting construction.” By planning with the final result in mind, treatment is faster and more efficient.

Berger Orthodontics offers many options for dental alignment, but the most discreet and aesthetic is called InBrace. InBrace is completely invisible because the brackets and wires are placed behind the teeth. While ‘hidden braces’ have been around, InBrace is revolutionary, because it incorporates custom Smartwires™ that are programmed with the final tooth positions to align your teeth gently and precisely, all without cramping your style.

Berger Orthodontics offers an array of options outside of InBrace, so patients can pick the best appliance for them specifically. Another visually appealing choice is 3D-printed fully customized ceramic braces, or LightForce. LightForce braces are only similar to traditional braces in the fact that they are placed on the front of the teeth. By 3D-printing a custom brace that is patient-specific, treatment time is accelerated because the inefficiencies of using a one-size-fits-all bracket are eliminated. LightForce is perfect for those who do not mind braces on the front of their teeth but still desire a more discreet and efficient option.

The practice also offers metal braces for traditionalists, as well as Invisalign for those seeking a different near-invisible option. Dr. Berger says, “All of these orthodontic appliances have different strengths. During our consultation we discuss the patient’s lifestyle and recommend the appliance that is the best match. 

Once the patient is outfitted with their completely custom braces, the practice can monitor their progress through an inventive new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant app called Grin. Berger Orthodontics’ team provides the patient with a scope that attaches to their phone so they can take a video of their mouth for the team to review. The scope ensures that the phone camera only captures the inside of the mouth, preventing any embarrassing accidental selfies.

The team identifies and tackles issues early by consistently monitoring their work, rather than waiting for the next appointment. If everything is going smoothly, patients can avoid unnecessary and unproductive appointments. “That allows us to save them visits so they don't have to take time off work,” Dr. Berger notes. Grin is yet another way that technology takes the stress and guesswork out of orthodontics.

To Dr. Berger, seeing a patient’s smile transform over the course of treatment is rewarding from start to finish. He says, “Orthodontics is about the journey and destination. Seeing a patient’s excitement over their new smile is gratifying because of the time spent getting to know them throughout treatment."

Another aspect that Dr. Berger enjoys is building lasting connections throughout the Arvada Community through his work. “I love working for the community that I live in,” he says. Residing just a few minutes from his practice, Dr. Berger values fostering meaningful relationships with his patients and their families in the local area.

If modern orthodontics pique your interest, give Berger Orthodontics a follow on Instagram or Facebook @bergerorthodontics, or visit their website at You can also reach their Arvada office at (720) 627-8818.