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Creating Beautiful Landscapes

How An Entrepreneurial Kid Became A Successful Business Owner

Article by Sue Baldani

Photography by Courtesy of B&H Landscaping

Originally published in Belle Meade Lifestyle

When most kids were playing video games and hanging out at swimming pools during the summers, Howard Houston Harris Jr. was busy starting a career. In sixth grade, he started cutting a few lawns in the neighborhood. The next year, he was handling six or seven lawns; it just kept increasing after that.

“By the time I was a freshman in high school, I was up to about 20 yards, and it just steadily grew and morphed,” says Howard. “I started doing larger scale landscape construction projects, and when I was a senior in high school, my business was pretty sizable, and by that time I had a team working for me.”

When he left for college, he kept a few clients and had a friend manage them. “Each summer I would come back to Nashville, and expand my array of services, leveraging my relationships in the industry and working to grow my knowledge base. Throughout that time, I worked to grow my business as well as mentoring with larger scale landscape owners.”

After receiving a master’s degree in accounting, Howard returned to Nashville permanently. “I thought I was going to be an accountant, but I always enjoyed being outside. I had always worked for myself and liked having my own company.”

Today, B&H Landscaping and Tree Service is a full-service landscape construction and maintenance company. Its main focus is working with builders, pool contractors and homeowners on landscape design and construction. B&H projects range from simple trimming and re-mulching of existing landscaping all the way to more complex executions, such as designing, regrading, irrigation, sodding and plant installation.

“My guys, every single day, are doing a multitude of jobs,” says Howard. “We do it all, from the start of design and plant installation, drainage and grading, to the final sodding and irrigation. It allows my team to have a wide array of knowledge.”

One constant all these years is his dedication to developing relationships with both customers and suppliers. “What makes me different from all the other landscapers in Nashville is that I try to offer the best possible value to my customers for high quality items and services. I’m able to do that since I do so much volume on the builder level. Typically, landscapers give one price to builders and mark up residential projects. But for me, it’s the same across the board," he says. 

“Being born and raised here, I know this area and have friends all over the city. I want to have a company that is known for being trustworthy and having the highest quality of service.”