Creating Cherished Thanksgiving Memories

Designing the Perfect Kids' Table

As Thanksgiving approaches, families all over the country are preparing to gather around tables filled with delicious feasts and heartwarming conversations. One of the most cherished traditions of Thanksgiving is the "kids' table," a special place where young ones can bond, have fun, and make lasting memories. To help you make this year's kids' table truly memorable, we sat down with Amberly Hood, owner of Studio 23 in Smyrna, a fine art studio known for its creative and engaging classes for students of all ages. Amberly shared her expert tips on designing a fun and engaging kids' table for Thanksgiving.

Start by considering the tableware. Using fun and durable options like wheat straw plates or non-toxic, colorful dishes can add an exciting touch to the kids' table. Vibrant tableware not only appeals to children but also ensures safety during their mealtime adventures.

Decorating the kids' table is a chance to infuse excitement into the Thanksgiving atmosphere. A winning approach is to blend pre-made decorations with DIY elements that kids can create themselves. This collaborative effort allows children to actively participate in shaping the look and feel of their special space.

To capture the essence of Thanksgiving, focus on the color palette. Incorporate warm shades of red, orange, yellow, and muted greens. Use fall leaves, pumpkins, and apples as design elements, either through actual items or patterns. This will evoke the spirit of the season and create a festive ambiance.

To keep kids entertained at the table, Amberly suggests providing age-appropriate DIY projects. She loves using brown paper as a table covering, and encouraging kids to draw with non-toxic art supplies like crayons, markers, and watercolor pens. Drawing games, such as Thanksgiving-themed Pictionary, can add an extra layer of excitement. Another engaging activity is crafting colored paper chains, where children and adults alike can write down what they're thankful for, encouraging a sense of gratitude.

Empower children by involving them in setting up and decorating their own table. While it may be tempting to do it all yourself, allowing kids to take part in this process fosters a sense of ownership, inclusion, and pride in their contributions.

For children with sensory sensitivities, consider incorporating sensory boxes into the table setup. These boxes can contain items like dry beans, rice, colored beads, and artificial leaves, offering a tactile and engaging experience. Ensure adult supervision to guarantee safety, and introduce these activities before the meal to avoid any mishaps.

Thanksgiving isn't just about having fun; it's also a time to teach children about gratitude and family values. Throughout the day, incorporate conversations that center around gratitude. Encourage kids to share what they are thankful for, discuss giving with a cheerful heart, and explore ways to help others. These meaningful conversations will help children connect with the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, as you prepare to gather around the table, remember the importance of creating special memories for the little ones.  With Amberly Hood’s expert advice, you can design a kids’ table that blends fun, creativity, and gratitude, ensuring that this Thanksgiving will be a cherished and heartwarming experience for the entire family.

Studio 23 Atlanta's mission is to create a space for students of all ages to learn and participate in the arts. They offer classes and workshops for toddlers through adults and youth with special needs.  

Studio 23 Atlanta
2968 Atlanta Road, SE; Smyrna, GA 30080

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