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Q&A with Griffin Dorner, Owner of Homebody Design Company

Meet Griffin Dorner, the creative force behind Homebody Design Company — an interior design firm with a mission to craft meaningful spaces that exude curated elegance, cozy comfort, and irresistible warmth for families. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Griffin's passion for designing her own space was ignited by the beauty and character of her hometown. Life's journey led her and her husband to Las Vegas, where her surroundings were drastically changed. Determined to recreate a sense of familiarity in her new city, Griffin dedicated herself to transforming their space into a stunning haven. As her talent became evident, requests from friends and acquaintances poured in, sparking her inspired leap into the design industry. What began as a side hustle soon blossomed into a flourishing luxury design firm, earning her well-deserved recognition, including features on esteemed platforms such as Pottery Barn, Target, and HGTV alongside the Property Brothers. In this Q&A article, we sit down with Griffin Dorner to unravel the story behind her success, explore her design ethos, and discover how she is leaving her mark on Las Vegas.

Griffin Dorner

Owner and Principal Interior Designer

Homebody Design Company

How did you get into interior design?

This career kind of came by accident for me. I have always loved being creative but did not think of Interior Design as a career path until people started asking me to help them with their spaces. It became so frequent that I decided to start charging! I have never not had a client since!

How would you describe your design style?

As an interior designer, I am constantly tapping into many different design styles for clients, creating an eclectic style in my home. Juxtaposition is a word I use a lot… I love mixing old with new, incorporating clean lines with curved lines, and creating high-contrast interest. I want my home to feel collected and extremely cozy. 

What inspires you when creating a new interior design concept?

Personally, I am very inspired by travel and history. I love studying interior design from the past and seeing what trends have stood the test of time. When working with clients, I try to tap into their own inspiration first. Of course, Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful tools, but I like to go deeper. I ask a lot of questions about their interests, and I really try to learn how they do life. All these things are so important not only to create beautiful spaces but also to create functional spaces. 

Can you walk us through your creative process from the initial idea to the final result?

Once the clients and I have nailed down their style and their inspirations, I hit the ground running with their design presentation. I don’t have a tried-and-true starting point other than just starting. I do a lot of sketching and mood boards; the inspiration usually flows during the process. Once I have the overall design concept, we begin sourcing materials. We start with hard finishes, i.e., paint colors, flooring, tile, lighting, hardware, etc. Then we move into the furniture phase. I love to educate clients on furniture construction. I always advocate for quality over quantity in this area. After all the selections are finalized, we begin the ordering process. I keep track of all the shipping and deliveries, so clients don’t have to worry about anything. Going through a renovation is stressful enough. I try to take a lot off their plate on the design side. Once we are nearing the end, we begin talking about accessories. This is my favorite phase. The accessories really bring that finishing touch. I try to make all the accessories a surprise for the clients as their hand is in every decision up to this point. Keeping it a surprise really makes for more of an HGTV moment once it is complete. Once all the renovation is complete, furniture is in, and accessories are shopped for, I ask the clients to leave their homes for a day or two while we install everything. When they come home, the goal is that their space is completely finished, and they can enjoy it. It really is a blast!

Could you share some simple tips or advice for homeowners looking to update their interiors?

PAINT! Paint is magic. If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to update your home, take advantage of what paint can do. This could mean painting your walls, trim, cabinets, or even furniture pieces. Color can greatly affect not only a space but also our moods. If you have a gray or taupe house and feel it is a bit too depressing, I suggest painting all the walls white. I know this can be intimidating for people and can feel boring, but I promise it will work wonders on the home and on you. It will drastically brighten up your home. Then you can add in some character by contrasting trim/doors and adding lots of texture and pops of color.

What interior design trends are becoming popular?

I am seeing a twist on classic English design really start to take shape. The English countryside look is so beautiful and timeless. I feel people are craving those timeless trends right now and sprinkling in some modern touches. Trends are super fun, and I love to tap into a few on each project if the client is up for it. But what is really nice is when a trend is also timeless, and I think this trend is!

When working with clients, I try to tap into their own inspiration first...I ask a lot of questions about their interests, and I really try to learn how they do life. All these things are so important not only to create beautiful spaces but also to create functional spaces. 

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