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Bucks County Balloons Can Spice Up Events With Whimsical Creations

An optimistic proverb, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” made its way into the world of modern-day balloons. Jessica Heisen, founder of Bucks County Balloons, faced layers of lemon-like adversity in the past, which drove her to create and build this unique, thriving business.

Jessica is an artistic woman who was hustling in various endeavors, all of which had creative twists to them. Her last business was on the selling site Etsy, where she marketed confetti, cake toppers and other party accessories; this would become the pathway to her current venture.

When Jessica’s father passed away, to celebrate his life, she got her creative juices flowing and created a large balloon bouquet to display at his services. She perfected the art by practicing when family and friends needed party balloons. These beautiful displays didn’t go unnoticed, and prompted her to create a business. Jessica turned a somber situation into her future.

Balloons commonly were used as side or trimming when prepping a house or event space for a party. Recently, balloons are taking center stage, and becoming the focal point of party decorations. This is partly thanks to people, such as Jessica, who had the vision and drive to grow this party sector.

In the summer of 2021, Hurricane Ida hit the area and Jessica pretty hard. She lost her house and car in the storm, leaving her with no place to work out of or vehicle from which to deliver. Continuing along the lemonade theme, she created a studio in her mom’s basement, allowing mother and daughter to spend more time together. By happenstance, she came across a perfect-sized, used van that complemented her newly fired-up business:  “Bucks County Balloons."

Jessica is committed to creating new and exciting collections for every season. One of her mainstays is the “Pop Me” balloon in which any themed objects such as candy, confetti, or even a T-Rex, can be placed in a large clear balloon. It’s the present-day pinata and a unique party favorite. It’s also likely where her business slogan, “Life is Short, Pop More Balloons!” was originated.

She also specializes in large background balloon installations, which are best served as a photo backdrop or a dramatic display at entry and key points of a party location. She says she can design a balloon bouquet for any occasion, fusing a customer’s request along with her creative and artistic mind. She also can provide fringe party backdrops, custom confetti, birthday banners and cake toppers.

"We can do fantastic, colorful displays to spruce up any affair," says Jessica.

Though flowers typically dominate Valentine’s Day as presents, balloons are on a fast track to popularity in the holiday gift giving. Jessica says she designs many cupid-themed bouquets that can be delivered in Bucks County and the surrounding areas. "For those looking for that unique and loving Valentine’s gift, placing an order at least a week before the holiday is recommended," she adds. 

As a hard-working business owner who does it all, when one sees Jessica’s van, it’s likely her making the delivery. Balloons have become more than a full-time job, and building a hobby into a successful business is something of which Jessica notes her father would be very proud.


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