Creating Your Custom Cellar

Let Vinworx build a luxurious wine cellar in your home

Article by Bailey Morris

Photography by LP Photography & Design LLC

Originally published in Aiken City Lifestyle

  Have you ever wanted to have your own wine cellar? As a full-service wine cellar company, Vinworx specializes in creating luxury wine cellars for private homes.. “We design, build, and install custom wine cellars,” says Mark Rhodes, owner of Vinworx. “We service throughout South Carolina, eastern Georgia, and southern North Carolina.”

  Vinworx was started fifteen years ago by Mark. “I’ve been building furniture for years,” he shares. “I put a small wine cabinet in a wine store in downtown Augusta as a hobby. A contractor saw it and called me - he wanted to know if I could build a wine cellar for a client he was building a house for. I gave him a drawing and a price, they accepted it, and I built a large wine cellar for them. Three weeks later, I got another phone call to build another wine cellar,” says Mark. After that, Mark started advertising his services and began building wine cellars full time.

  Vinworx also installs wine cellars in previously built homes. “We’ve converted bathrooms, closets, garages, bedrooms… anything you can think of, we’ve converted it into a wine cellar,” explains Mark. “We come out and take a look at the place, then we’ll design the wine cellar to the space. More often than not, these spaces are finite, so we have to design with the space available, not so much design a wine cellar and build a room around it.”

  “We do all the design services. We build them ourselves, nothing is farmed out,” says Mark. Vinworx designs a wine cellar, provides the client with a drawing of the design, and then discusses any changes the client wants to make. After deciding to move forward with the wine cellar, Vinworx starts building. In their shop, Mark and his staff begin by cutting all the little parts and pieces. “The average wine cellar has 2,000 pieces of wood in it, and it all has to be exact for it to look right,” says Mark. Then they assemble the pieces into bigger components, bring those to the job site, and assemble the cellar.

  Mark loves taking people's ideas and bringing them to life. “When you tell me you want to keep wine in this room, we sit down and come up with a design. We create one that you like aesthetically and one that is efficient in terms of optimizing the space. When you’re spending money on this kind of thing, you want to fit as much wine in the room as possible,” says Mark. “I think the biggest misconception about wine cellars is that people think that they have to be these really big, over-the-top rooms. We do a lot of closet conversions where people have a closet and they want to keep three hundred bottles of wine, and we can do that.”

If you would like more information about building a wine cellar in your home, you can reach out to Vinworx by calling (803)617-8182. To view past projects from Vinworx, visit their website

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