Innovative Holiday Décor

Take your outdoor decor to another level and upgrade your ugly can with a pair of stretchy designer can covers!

When it comes to the holidays, we decorate the inside and outside of our homes, but the ugliest thing we all own is neglected! Give your unsightly can a make over with an innovative product featured on the DIY network invented by a former Chatham resident, “Garbage Pantz”! Garbage Pantz offers a large selection of designs. You can celebrate the holidays, special events, and even cheer on your favorite NFL team.  For the upcoming holidays you can choose Scaredy Pantz, Santa Pantz and Rudy Pantz or Pineapple or Blue Jean Pantz for everyday decor.  These all-weather proof stretchy, colorful covers are machine washable. They fit most standard size cans and simply slide on. Just turn your can upside down, slide on the pair of “pantz”, turn it right side up and in less than a minute, you have a colorful, fun and updated decorated can! Visit garbagepatnz.com for a full selection of designer can covers.

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