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Milessa Murphy Stewart


Modern impressionist artist


Frisco, regions of Texas and out-of-state

artist statement

As a modern-impressionist, I may not be concerned with painting the details of realism, but I'm turned on by the meaning behind the colors, brushstrokes, and representation of light.

Milessa admits comprehending places through art can be difficult because there's so much to absorb, and with that analysis coming from the knowledge it's impossible to truly understand every element that makes a place the way it is.

"Art helps bridge the gap between the naïve belief that we already understand the world around us, and it gives us different perspectives," she says. "This perspective is from an outsider’s view, but it's relatable. You get another piece of the puzzle in figuring out places through art, which gets you closer to the goal of complete understanding."

She says her hopeful intention in paintings can show a need to interact with nature or a need for solitude. "The act of sitting, running or using hands to make something new speaks volumes to the reality that all humans share," she adds. 

Art helps Milessa understand people by highlighting details and beauty in everything often ignored, she reveals.

"We don’t see flowers on our way to work or the beauty of the aged person happily people-watching. These things are taken for granted, but they're an ever-present part of everyone’s life. Art shines light on things that complete our world, of which we are unaware, and it reveres the details. This helps us better understand people and places, which allows us to have some comfort but also the ability to instigate change when needed," says this plein-air artist. 

Milessa knows art helps people be happy with factors that are good, but to also understand what's left to improve in different places and in the lives of the people that live in them.

Once health risks related to COVID-19 settle down, Milessa says she'd like to engage in painting the people of Frisco, especially to capture what they love creating in their own sense of the arts. 

Frisco residents also can commission unique paintings of Frisco-specific items or areas from Milessa. 

She says she's proud to be a part of Frisco's premier, overall dedication to art as a city. "Hopefully, my contributions will leave a legacy and help," she says. 


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