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Creativity and Cutting-Edge Pool Technology

Eric Goode Pools

With 39 years of knowledge and experience in the swimming pool industry, Eric Goode has built some of the Memphis area’s most unique pools, many boasting first-of-their-kind design technology. For example, Eric was chosen as the pool builder for the Civitas Project, the first zero energy and zero carbon building in the world to achieve ILFI (International Living Future Institute) certification. Located on Mud Island, the pool utilizes a geothermal heating system and a state-of-the-art phthalate-free surface, which reduces algae growth and minimizes maintenance.

In another recent project, Eric utilized all glass tiles to completely cover the entire pool. “The homeowners are big scuba divers who love the Galapagos Islands, where they were inspired by a resort pool,” says Eric. “I collaborated with a pool associate in Miami, who brought in a highly talented tile layer from South Florida to help complete the project.”

Eric recently embarked on a rooftop pool and recreational oasis in downtown Memphis overlooking Mud Island from the bluffs. The space will include fire and water elements, artificial turf, a lounge area and a cooking station. 

Eric’s own backyard boasts the first 360-degree perimeter grass-edged pool in the area. Without a deck or hardscape surrounding the pool, the contrast between the green grass and the blue pool water is on full display.

Eric’s innovative techniques also extend to the maintenance realm. His infloor cleaning system provides significant benefits over the traditional unsightly hose or robotic cleaners and comes with a lifetime warranty. Nearly standard on all of Eric’s pools, the infloor cleaners are able to more thoroughly and consistently clean pool floors, steps, benches and spas.

Eric began his career in 1984 working in a pool warehouse, which progressed to spending thirty plus years in the swimming pool distribution industry. In 2018, he founded his local, family-owned business Eric Goode Pools, where he was able to combine creativity with cutting-edge technology. Eric loves the whole pool building process “from idea, to paper to dig. It’s really exciting to create a space that a family can enjoy together. The memories that are made last a lifetime and I like to think I have a little part in creating them. There is nothing better than getting a text from a client with photos of family parties around the pool. It feels like a job well done.”