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Creativity in Bloom

Sample the latest confections from the pastry chefs at DLM at the upcoming Pastry Show.

Article by Nina Weierman

Photography by Tracy Doyle, Dorothy Lane Market

Originally published in Centerville Lifestyle

Walking into Dorothy Lane Market (DLM), you might find yourself drawn by the sweet smell of homemade coffee cakes directly to the pastry counter. Passing eye-catching displays of fresh fruits and delectable cheeses, DLM pleasantly awakens your senses in a way unlike any other grocer. Even if you didn’t come in for any treats, the colors of all of the magnificently detailed fruit tarts, sugar cookies and Killer Brownies in the case at the Pâtisserie are hard to resist. 

Known for providing high-quality products and offering personalized and attentive customer service, there is no doubt that what DLM offers is truly something special. Each year at their annual Pastry Show, DLM gives ticket holders a little peek into how the magic happens in the Pâtisserie Department. “It’s a fun experience not only for our guests but for the pastry chefs to stretch their creativity and try new things we haven’t done before,” shares the Director of Central Baking Operations at Dorothy Lane Market, Lindsey Lucas.

This year’s upcoming Garden Party Pastry Show is taking place from 7- 9 p.m. April 18 in the loft of the Springboro location and offers the public a chance to meet the talented pastry chefs behind the delectable culinary creations in the DLM Pâtisserie Department. We sat down with DLM Pâtisserie Manager, Chef Amy Brown to learn more about the upcoming show and DLM Pâtisserie.

How long have you been working with DLM and what do you enjoy about it?

Amy: I’ve been working at DLM for 10 years. I love the fact that we can be creative and bring our ideas for new items to work and we get to bring those ideas to life with top-quality ingredients.

How do ideas become pastries at DLM?

Amy: Any product we produce has gone through a lot of testing. It starts as an idea someone brings in. Once we have tested and gotten the taste down we will usually come up with a few different visual options to take to the retailers. After we get it cleared with them, we test for shelf life and the best way to ship. 

How does DLM invest in the ongoing training and development of the pastry chefs?

Amy: One of my favorite ways that DLM shows appreciation is by sending us on work trips to different cities to visit other bakeries for inspiration.

Tell me more about what guests can expect once they arrive at the pastry show this year. 

Amy: Guests can expect to have full bellies when they leave! We like to use the show to debut some of our new pastries that will be on our spring menu, but we also have a lot of things that will only be available at the show. Between the atmosphere we set with the piano playing, beautiful pastries, delicious savory foods and amazing service, it is just a night that will easily become a core memory.

What is your favorite thing about the pastry show?

Amy: As pastry chefs, we are in the back of the house most of the time. The pastry show gives us a chance to mingle with the customers and see the joy our desserts bring them. It is an amazing feeling to see people appreciate the hard work you put in. 

Find more details and tickets for the Garden Party Pastry Show at

“The pastry show gives us a chance to mingle with the customers and see the joy our desserts bring them.”

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