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Creativity Through Custom

Ironclad and the Yoder Family are Shaping Colorado’s Work and Play

Article by Aaron Fongers

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Blue Collar workers of Weld County are a rich part of the history and current operations of Northern Colorado. So, when jobs need to get done, these companies and their employees need dependability and durability from their vehicles—whether it be for work or for play. If your job requires hauling large loads, transporting equipment to and from the job site, or other specialized needs—what happens when your typical “off-the-lot” work truck doesn’t live up to what’s needed for your work? Luckily for us, the Yoder Family of Companies has asked themselves this question and has come to understand that some jobs go beyond the functionality of your everyday work truck. So with Ironclad Fabrication, it’s understood that there are a variety of different needs for a variety of jobs, and they’re always looking for the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and dependability with every project. 

“We are not your typical, boring fabrication shop,” shares Jon Hoerner, founder of Ironclad Fabrication. “We’re always asking ourselves what fun and exciting things we can create next, all for the sole purpose of serving our customer’s needs at the highest level possible.”

Ironclad Fabrication has slowly been establishing itself as the premier company for all fleet, truck and recreational customization in Northern Colorado, but that wasn’t always the case. Ironclad was born out of the Yoder Family of Companies, when Jon Hoerner, then a technician at Truck City in Greeley, overheard a customer in need of a special flatbed for their work truck. Jon, a native Greeley resident with an auto body degree from AIMs Community College, decided to use some of his welding expertise and skills to build the specific product they were looking for. Upon highly positive reviews at the project’s completion and functionality, Ironclad was born. Now operating out of their own building on 1st Avenue across from Truck City, Jon continues to cast a vision for Ironclad’s future through creativity and commitment to serve the community with custom designs—even though right now, it’s just him at the shop.

“When it comes to the fabrication business, there really isn’t a ‘permanent groove’ per say,” Jon states. “We have to continue to change with the times, with the goal of growing bigger, better, and continuing to expand our creative palette to incorporate new projects and designs.”

Ironclad’s work encompasses a wide variety of needs for Northern Colorado residents, including individual truck customizations; fleet customizations; trailers, and some unique projects—including a smoker that was used in a recent company giveaway and some custom furniture. As a part of the Yoder Family of Companies, Ironclad works in close proximity with customers to deliver high-quality truck customizations and fleet customizations for a variety of work needs.

If a YFC company sells a truck or a fleet off of their lot, Ironclad can customize it for a company’s needs in a variety of ways, all for the individual needs of the customer. Custom trucks will also be put on display on truck lots, demonstrating to customers the special care and design taken to customize the trucks. For the Yoder Family of Companies, Ironclad hasn’t only a been smart investment in their communities’ needs—it has also been a joy to be a part of the artistry and process of the industry.

“Jon has been an incredible part of the team, and it is amazing to watch him work on these customizations for a wide variety of customers,” shares Chase Yoder, Yoder Family COO and member of the company’s founding family. “Not only does he bring the technical skill to his builds, but he brings a level of artistry and creativity that blows us away—from the prototypes he models to the finished projects we get to give to our customers.”

Recently, Ironclad has been diving further past the world of work and into the world of play with the construction and customization of overland trailers. These trailers serve a wide variety of recreational needs for anyone who’s interested in road travel and are perfect for the summer season in Colorado. The opportunities to work on these trailers are unique for Ironclad because there isn’t a specific “model” to build an overland trailer, which allows for a lot of customization and creativity. 

“There has been a lot of interest in overland trailers lately, which has served us well,” Chase shares. “There truly is no one way to set up an overland trailer—everyone has their own opinion based on how they’ll use it, so it allows us to take our customization abilities as far as the customer wants us to go. In a world that’s custom, it’s been fun to be the custom builders”

Whatever the need—whether for work or play—Ironclad Fabrication and the Yoder Family of companies continue to hold their community and its needs in the highest regard and view it as a great privilege to produce high-quality, need-providing equipment to residents of Northern Colorado for years to come. 

"In a world that’s custom, it’s been fun to be the custom builders”

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