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Creekside Pet Care has your pet covered

Creekside Pet Care Center is your best friend's best friend

Article by Mandy Calvin, Sally Crocker

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Originally published in Southlake City Lifestyle

We love to shower our loved ones with gifts that will bring them joy for the holidays and beyond. Many people enjoy their pets so much that it's easy to see why they would consider gifting a pet to a loved one for Christmas.

While the idea of giving a puppy or kitten for Christmas may seem heartwarming and adorable, it's essential to consider the challenges and responsibilities that come with owning a pet. While puppies are deniably cute and cuddly, they do require a significant commitment of time, effort and resources. Thankfully though, our friends at Creekside Pet Care Center can help with everything you need for your new family member, including food, toys, healthcare, obedience training, daycare and more.

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration and the exchange of gifts among loved ones. While the thought behind giving a pet as a holiday present is often well-meaning, it's crucial to recognize that pets are not just commodities or toys but living beings that require lifelong commitment and care.

Your friends at Creekside ask you to consider a few things before giving a pet this holiday season.

A lifelong commitment
Owning a pet is a forever commitment that extends far beyond the holiday season. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals live for many years, requiring constant care, attention and financial support. A pet becomes part of the family, and the animal's well-being should be a top priority.

Giving a pet as a present without the recipient's full understanding and consent can lead to a situation where the animal could be neglected or abandoned when the initial excitement wears off.

Mismatched expectations

Every individual has unique preferences when it comes to pets. Some people prefer dogs, while others may choose cats or smaller animals like rabbits or hamsters. Gifting a pet without considering the recipient's preferences could lead to a mismatch between the pet and the owner.

Financial responsibility

Pets come with significant financial responsibility. This includes the cost of food, grooming, veterinary care, vaccinations and other expenses. Many people may not be prepared for the financial burden of pet ownership, especially if they receive a pet as a surprise. This could lead to financial strain and, in some cases, neglect of the pet's needs.

Lack of preparation

Pet ownership requires preparation and planning. Prospective pet owners should have the time, resources and knowledge to provide for the pet's physical and emotional needs. The new owner may not have the necessary supplies or knowledge to care for the animal properly.

Stress on shelters
Giving pets as holiday presents can contribute to the overpopulation of animal shelters. Sadly, animal welfare organizations and shelters commonly report an increase in the number of pets surrendered or abandoned after the holiday season, placing an undue burden on organizations that are already struggling to find homes for countless animals in need.

While the idea of giving a pet as a holiday present may seem heartwarming, it is essential to consider the long-term consequences and responsibilities involved in pet ownership.

This holiday, the veterinarians and staff at Creekside Pet Care Center suggest that pets should not be given as surprise gifts, but rather, potential pet owners should be educated and prepared for the lifelong commitment that comes with having, loving and caring for a pet.

While the image of a puppy under the Christmas tree is incredibly appealing, it's crucial to consider the potential challenges that come with owning a pet.

Choose Creekside

Creekside Pet Care Center provides a one-stop shop for all your new furry family members' needs, so if you plan on welcoming a pet for the holidays, contact the friendly pet care team at Creekside to assist you: (817) 383-9178.

The Creekside Pet Care Center team is comprised of compassionate, highly-trained individuals offering you and your pet the high-quality care and attention you deserve. Accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), Creekside offers a variety of services, including wellness, emergency care, dental, boarding, daycare and grooming in Keller, TX.