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Cruising In Ultimate Style

Elevate Your Summer Game With the 2023 Garia Via

Article by Daniel Gertson

Photography by David Hernandez

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Summer is all about cruising the outdoors; breathing the fresh air and feeling the wind in your face. While many choose the exhilaration of the open road, you don’t necessarily have to go far to find that feeling. Whether you drive the streets of your neighborhood, the lanes of your favorite beach town, or the fairways of your home course, you can cruise in style with the gold standard of golf cars.

Meet the 2023 Garia Via. The world’s leading luxury golf car maker has done it again with this top-of-the-line cruiser. Combining the convenience of a golf car with the utmost quality and luxury, the Via continues Garia’s tradition of performance, reliability, and aesthetics.

To get your chance with one, Mission Golf Cars of Boerne can provide the opportunity. And their offering is truly remarkable.

To begin, this golf car is street-legal. It tops out at 25 miles per hour and comes equipped with a 120 Ah lithium battery you can depend on. Seating is arranged in the “2+2” configuration, so it seats four adults comfortably. Even better, the seating is upgraded to a plush black design that looks as good as it feels.

The color is a matte pearl white for the body and a matte black for the trim, giving this Via a classically refined look. The wheels are where the OFF-X Lifted package really shines: the wheels are enlarged, matte black wheel wells are added, and the back platform is extended. The result is a rugged and luxurious appearance that goes way beyond the typical golf cart. The wheels are upgraded too with shiny black diamond-cut rims and turf tires.

Just by looking at it, you can tell this golf car is something special. But then you take it for a ride.

This Via is equipped with a speed switch that allows you to enjoy two different modes: Eco and Sport. In Eco, your car’s top speed is capped at 16 miles per hour, the acceleration is gentler, and your battery life is extended. Sport mode does just what you’d expect: you accelerate more quickly and now you can hit that 25-mile-per-hour mark as you cruise along.

If you want to listen to something other than the breeze, you can connect to the Bluetooth stereo to play your favorite tunes. And if you get thirsty, there’s a refrigerator integrated into the dashboard to keep your drinks cool on those hot summer days.

For the golf, beach town, or neighborhood cruising aficionado, the Garia Via may be as good as it gets. The unmatched luxury and style of this golf car will elevate your summer cruising no matter where you do go. Mission Golf Cars of Boerne can show you what life would be like in one. And who knows? It may even elevate your game as well.

2023 Garia Via OFF-X Lifted 
    Color: Matte Pearl White 
    Battery: Lithium 120 Ah 
    Seating: 2+2
    Features: Speed switch, refrigerator, Bluetooth
    MSRP: $45,381

Mission Golf Cars of Boerne
    28451 IH-10W Suite 1, Boerne, TX

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