Restoring Confidence through Rejuvenation

Amber Larsen launches her longtime passion project through the loving environment of Eden Medical Spa.

Amber Larsen has grown up understanding that to succeed at something takes time and heart. She has also been taught the importance of giving back. This is why, with the opening of Eden Medical Spa, she aims to provide a better work-life balance for her staff. She hopes to help single mothers make a decent living without having to live at their job. Her initial passion for the cosmetic industry, in particular, stemmed from her own mother, who was a subject matter expert in skincare.

“As a child, I watched my mom invest in her own skin and then share what she learned with those around her. Her methods were much more holistic and natural, but the love and interest in skin started there,” says Larsen. “In high school, YouTube skin and makeup influencers were a huge part of my foundation, as well.”

Larsen’s interest in the field continued to flourish through her young adult years, thanks to her degree in biology. With what she learned during her time at Brigham Young University, she has been able to take that with her into the creation of Eden Medical Spa. Now, she can be seen talking about everything skincare-related at every level of the customer’s journey, from the first interaction through the lifecycle of their treatments. And despite her expertise in medical compliance and aesthetics, she is still educating herself every day.

“In college, I was an anatomy TA for several semesters and loved the one-on-one time I spent with students helping them learn about the human body,” says Larsen. “I have always loved the latest and greatest technology. And thanks to my husband, I have learned to love finance and business.”

With the intersection of her passions for medicine, technology, and business, Larsen's dream developed to start her own medical spa. One of the biggest desires for her business was to promote the inclusivity of skin types. Lasers were chosen in accordance with treatments that fit everyone who walks through the door. Historically, this isn’t something that medical spas have done. Larsen wanted to provide the highest quality experience to her patients by utilizing evidence-based procedures that were completely in tune with their unique needs.

“Eden is modern and innovative in our approach to solving skin and body issues. Our goal as practitioners is to never stop learning, whether it be choosing to utilize a BBL over an IPL laser or bringing on PDO threads as an alternative to filler,” says Larsen. “We want to understand, master, and deliver the best that our industry offers to our patients.”

Through the years, Larsen has gone on a wild ride to get to where she is today. From her experiences, there are two major pieces of advice that she would give. The first is to feel comfortable asking questions. In the setting of Eden Medical Spa, she encourages patients to understand their skin and the different modalities that they offer to help them look their best. She feels that education is incredibly crucial in life in general, particularly when it comes to your skin. Her second piece of advice is to simply never give up.

“Some of the hardest things in life have come to me after long stretches of enduring hardship. When life is the hardest, just hang on, because you are about to strike gold,” says Larsen. “Five years ago, I was in the midst of struggling through an eight-plus years battle with infertility. Never would I have imagined a beautiful daughter and Eden Medical Spa would be in my life in just a few years.”

Larsen is an adventurer and adrenaline junkie at heart. Alongside her husband, she has traveled to 50 countries around the world and seen each of the Seven Wonders. She has also taken up skydiving, scuba diving, longboarding, and snowboarding, just to name a few things. But despite her love of all things fast, Larsen is slowing down as she settles into her new, gorgeous space on Lakeline Mall Drive. Her confidence and enthusiasm about life will undoubtedly shine upon every client that is looking to similarly gain that confidence and enthusiasm.

"What excites me the most will be building the Eden culture with my staff and starting to implement the most important part of the practice—all of you!” says Larsen. “My ultimate goal at Eden is to build a harmonious working environment where our patients feel welcome and truly cared for.”

Eden Medical Spa held its grand opening ceremony on August 26th and its garden party open house event that weekend. Larsen has been delighted by the positive reception from the community. She looks forward to expanding her client base and helping them achieve ultimate skin health.

What to Expect from Eden Medical Spa

With its team of highly experienced aestheticians, medical providers, and nurses, Eden offers the opportunity to rejuvenate its patients. They are sure to come out of treatments feeling refreshed and refined. Services include hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox, and body sculpting.

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