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Culinary and Community Space

Freedom Street Social

Article by Lila Ruppe

Photography by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

When Nick and Amie Costanzo created Freedom Street Social, they had a vision far more meaningful than your typical food hall. Community is the essence of Freedom Street. Great food and creative events are a way to bring the people of Arvada together.

Opening this past July, Freedom Street Social has already become an important spot for congregation and connection within the Arvada community. The warm atmosphere is perfect for spending time with family, co-workers, and even strangers that might become your new best friends. Nick and Amie are committed to adapting Freedom Street to be the perfect fit for everyone. When thinking of Freedom Street, Amie says, “Bringing community together is the most important aspect of it.” 

The inspiration behind the name comes from Freedom Street in Toledo, Ohio, where Nick’s Italian grandmother used to live. She fostered Nick’s love of good food by cooking while he and his sister were spending time there. Amie grew up similarly in a small town in the Midwest where knowing your neighbors and connecting with the community was an integral part of the culture.

Come to Freedom Street for every meal from breakfast to dinner, or even just stop by for some coffee and vinyl perusing. Better yet, swing by to simply socialize and enjoy the inviting, comfortable space, currently decked out for the fall season. The food hub picked up 400 pumpkins from a Brighton farm for a wide variety of fun, seasonal activities from pumpkin carving contests to pumpkin bowling. Following the Freedom Street tradition of using food to bring people together, the chefs are planning to use the pumpkin insides to make pumpkin pies.

Current dining options range from Asian-fusion and Italian to American comfort food. The eateries include Sushi Kuro, The BKST Club, Giordano’s Pizza, and more. Amie has a particular fondness for good coffee, and you can find an abundance of it at Pressed Coffee & Vinyl.

Even the coffee beans are a cut above at Freedom Street. They are directly sourced from farmers earning fair wages and are roasted on a Bellwether roaster, which is a gas and emission-free technique. 

The syrups are made in small batches with organic raw cane sugar. Every month, they come out with a new drink named after a musician or song. Amie explains, “Our first one was the ODC, the Ol’ Dirty Chai, after ODB from Wu-Tang. Second one was the Barry White.” Right now, that specially-named drink is Smashing Pumpkins, perfect for the fall season with white chocolate, pumpkin spice, and vanilla. Nick’s Freedom Street drink recommendation is a bit boozier but equally delicious. He suggests the Smoky Apple Cider Margarita, which is a unique fall mix of apple cider, maple syrup, fresh lime, and smoked tequila.

Outside food, Freedom Street offers countless social activities and events. Yoga and CrossFit classes provide a fun intersection between community and fitness. Freedom Street has also hosted all types of events from a high school homecoming to a documentary screening and a political meet-and-greet. Visit Freedom Street Social at 15177 Candelas Parkway in Arvada, and visit their website for more information on events and the amazing culinary choices: freedomstreetsocial@com

  • Nick & Amie Costanzo
  • Nick & Amie Costanzo

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