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Spinal care can help with many other issues, such as chronic headaches

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More Than A Chiropractor

Providing pain relief and proper body function through spinal care

Dr. Rachel Moore knows from personal experience how helpful chiropractic care can be. Beginning around age 10, Moore suffered from migraines. It wasn’t until she sought chiropractic care at 17 for neck pain that she found relief. 

“After going to see the chiropractor, a few months later I realized that I had not had a headache,” she said. “For someone who had a headache three or four days a week and carried aspirin with them everywhere, that was a huge revelation.”

Moore later faced other challenges, such as infertility and trouble breastfeeding, where chiropractic care proved helpful. These experiences put her on the path to not only helping others find pain relief but helping the body function well. Moore especially enjoys working with children and women journeying through infertility, pregnancy and postpartum care. 

“My passion comes from not only being educated about it, but I have been there personally,” she said. “I hope through what I've learned, I can help moms avoid going through those struggles.

“I love the difference that can be made in a pregnancy with a couple of adjustments. One of the most important things about chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it's not just about pain … it's about function. I'm Webster certified, so I’m working on muscles, ligaments and bones to make sure we balance the pelvis. Then I work postpartum making sure the body is back where it should be after having a baby.”

Moore specializes in many issues for babies, starting with newborns struggling with tension and tightness, trouble breastfeeding, colic, constipation and acid reflux. She also works with babies as their bodies grow, hitting milestones like rolling over, crawling and walking. 

"Adjustments can be very beneficial during those milestones to allow the body to easily move and learn the new movements,” Moore explained. “I've seen kiddos come in who have reverted from walking back to crawling because of a misalignment.

“Kids are rough and they tumble and climb, which leads to the body being misaligned. I work with a lot of kids who play sports … they come in because of an injury or their body isn’t functioning like it should. We bring them in, get them adjusted, and they're back on track.”

For more information, send a message through the Align My Spine’s Facebook page @alignmyspinedfw or call 817-710-5821. Align My Spine is located at 413 Keller Parkway in Fort Worth.

  • Dr. Rachel Moore provides adolencent care at Align My Spine
  • Spinal care can help with many other issues, such as chronic headaches
  • A chiropractic session can help babies who are learning to crawl and walk