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Curb Appeal

Elevate your home’s style and class with Windura Premium Windows & Doors.

Daniel Lee, owner and general manager of Windura, and his team see every customer as a different individual they can get to know and work with. They have fine-tuned this approach to making a successful connection.

“When we have our initial conversation with a customer pondering over their door, we guide them through three steps,” he says. “The first step is we ask them to think about what problem they are trying to solve with new windows or doors. Do they want to widen, change the design, make the door taller? Or are they uncomfortable because of an old drafty door? Then, there are security options. 

“Second, we discuss color. Finish color choices can vary by person. The door color says a lot about who owns the home, and what visitors will see when they open the front door and walk in. Some people want a color that matches their home, a more classic design. Some want bold robin egg blue, big red or burgundy. Then, there are those who prefer warm wood doors. There are pros and cons to each. 

“The third thing to consider is light. We can help people with too much light coming into their home which allows somebody to see in. We can add custom-designed decorative glass or maybe a set of double doors with glass in the middle that allows light to come in. Discussing these three things allows us to help the customer come to his or own conclusion.”

Windura often works with designers, such as Jami Meek, with Jami Meek Designs, who notes, “Color starts with what is already on your exterior. For example, with brick or stone I usually recommend a solid color. Sherwin-Williams Tricorn black is my go-to. The solid black just pops against everything on the exterior. Many people are going with the farmhouse design, and I recommend a gel stain that can make the door look like wood and matches well with the farmhouse design. I love black or dark bronze windows. They really stand out and have a nice clean look. Another trend is to choose larger scale grids which also provides an updated look. A modern twist on traditional style.”  

Daniel purchased Windura in late 2020, which has been in business for 20 years, with the goal of growing the business. He has already implemented a new technology platform that helps track orders, keep customers informed and allows for customer self-service. He points out that they are not a manufacturer of windows and doors but rather an independent dealer offering a variety of premium options.

As mentioned, updating your front door and windows can definitely add value and appeal, as Cathy Maxwell, senior sales executive, Reece & Nichols, points out, “The updated front door improves curb appeal and shows the home is well maintained by the owners. New windows are an important feature due to our inspection process. If windows are faulty, as is so often the case, the buyer may ask for compensation for new windows or cancel the contract. Maintaining the home properly includes doors and windows, not always interior decor. Eventually if you sell your home, proper maintenance of these items will make the transaction much smoother. Plus, the owners will probably make more money due to past attention to maintenance of the home.”

When you are ready to take the step through your own new front door, or peek out your new windows, give Windura a call.


Windura is located at 11860 W. 91st Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66214. Call them at 913.362.3872 and visit for more information.