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Fixing wheel blemishes caused by curb rash

Spring is here. Is your ride ready?

It only takes a minute to mar up wheel rims by hitting the curb on a dark night or sliding on a bit of ice. Your wheels make a statement and there is now a team in Tulsa who can repair them in a shot.

Corey and Summer Ratzlaff, local realtors and entrepreneurs, operate Curb Rash, LLC., a mobile cosmetic rim restoration service. They've been in business in Tulsa for more than 20 years and provide the solution for drivers who want to fix rather than replace their wheels. “It usually takes less than an hour to make wheels look new again and we do at our customers' work or homes,” Corey Ratzlaff said.

“The truth is that wheels keep getting larger and larger, tires keep getting smaller and smaller. In addition, drivers are more distracted than ever so the odds are against you from keeping your fancy wheels scrape-free.”

Most of the damage that Ratzlaff sees are dark-colored wheels which have been scraped down to the bare silver area; or silver-colored machined wheels with a clear coat that need restoration. Tulsa Wheel Repair matches the original rim paint color in order to make it look new.

Spring is the right time to trim out wheels. For a local expert, reach out to Tulsa Wheel Repair – Curb Rash at 918.380.0100,

Ready your rims:

1. Damage to your wheels and paint can be seen from running into curbs or hitting rocks.

2. Most rims can be repaired at your location by Curb Rash. Others are repaired in their shop in South Tulsa.

3. Finished rims are restored to their original shape and color.

  • Damage cause to the tire rim from sliding into a curb can be repaired.