CurcuminPro®: Wellness Game-Changer

TrendTek Bio, Inc. Co-Founder, President and CEO Ron Gourley wants to help everyone feel better every day

Article by Sally Crocker

Photography by TrendTek Bio/CurcuminPro® & Adobe Photostock

Originally published in Southlake City Lifestyle

Ron Gourley and his company, TrendTek Bio, home of the CurcuminPro® brand of products, are on a mission to help everyone feel better every day, without the use of over-the-counter drugs.

Ron’s motto is “feel the feeling” of feeling good and performing at your peak. TrendTek Bio’s curcumin-enhanced, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant products help people do just that. The company has introduced BioSoluble® Curcumin™ to functional foods so people can both feel and live better.

“Everybody deserves to feel the power of optimal health, and curcumin is one of the most powerful allies we’ve found in nature to support total body health,” Ron says.

TrendTek Bio makes curcumin taste delicious in foods and beverages for both animals and humans.

“Curcumin is an ancient health powerhouse and one of the most well-studied herbs on the planet,” Ron says. “It’s used daily by over one billion people worldwide. Now a robust body of scientific research is supporting what ancient civilizations have known about its positive effects for thousands of years.”

“98% of diseases start with inflammation,” he says, “so every day, you’re going against your body’s odds in fighting disease. So many things we eat and drink have the potential to create inflammation.”

Inflammation can be good in fighting off foreign invaders and healing injuries, but when the body is on inflammation overload, the results can lead to health conditions like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, cancer, diabetes, and possibly autism and mental illness.

“Aging is the most insidious inflammatory activity we experience every day,” Ron says. “You might feel fine, but those responses are still occurring – it’s not always the sore knee, arthritis or aches and pains we feel, but the cellular inflammation beneath the surface that we should also pay attention to.”

With CurcuminPro®, people gain energy and endurance, faster recovery times on athletic workouts, and reduced aches and pains.

“The more in tune you are with your body, the more you’ll feel the results,” Ron says.

Ron possesses a unique talent for researching and understanding the science and the “why” behind products that can return powerful, performance-driven results. His previous experience was in working for major processed foods companies, but Ron wanted to get into the science aspect of food and beverage supplements to renew and revitalize cells, body, energy and performance. Today he works with doctors and scientists around the world, as well as veterinarians, naturopaths and other health and wellness experts, to create regenerative products that slow down the aging process, boost brain cells and support or maintain target glucose levels.

The company has also made the products delicious, with gummies, chocolates, meal replacement shakes and tasty drink mixes that eliminate the normally bitter turmeric taste. There are even animal food add-on products for dogs to protect hips and joints and support bone, skin and digestive health. The company uses evidence-based science in the creation of all products, following strict U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards.

The focus of all CurcuminPro® products is to promote health, wellness and longevity. Visit curcuminpro.com to learn more.

“Everybody deserves to feel the power of optimal health.”  

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