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Custom Design Isn't Just For Formalwear

BSPK owner Federico Martin proves personalization in clothing breeds unwavering confidence

Article by Ashley Alt

Photography by Abby Cole Photography

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

There's a new menswear brand in town, and you're going to want to hear about it.

Built for men (and soon women) who understand the importance of quality garments, who are looking for that extra special touch, BSPK creates an upscale and comfortable atmosphere to make you feel right at home as you create personalized pieces of clothing best suited for your lifestyle and personality.

Located on Greenwich Avenue is the Atelier of BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co., a luxury menswear brand comprised of a sophisticated line of shirts, suits, jeans, and shoes. Inspired by Spanish heritage and committed to thoughtful craftsmanship, BSPK just might be your new wardrobe builder go-to. Oh, and the best part? It's completely custom — the client is the designer.

Founded by passionate entrepreneur Federico Martin, BSPK fills a need for clients searching for that bespoke, intimate shopping experience that can’t be found just anywhere. His eye for style and obvious love for his work was both inspiring and motivating to witness.

“We are filling the gap in the custom garments in Connecticut by offering customers the biggest selection of luxury Italian and English fabric brands you can find,” Federico explained. “This includes ZEGNA, DRAGO, CACCIOPPOLI, LORO PIANA, CERRUTI, SCABAL, and ARISTON,” which is just for suits, jackets, and trousers — BSPK also offers custom jeans produced in Italy by “the best denim factory in the world,” as well as custom shirts and custom handmade shoes from Spain.

"After Covid, my head was spinning with what I should do next," Federico said. "I discovered the lack of tailors in the area and decided to do BSPK. I had the opportunity to complete the business with shirting and suits and I took it."

The specialness of BSPK, Federico illustrates, lies in the offering of custom shoes, sneakers, and jeans that can complete a more casual look for men, proving that custom doesn’t need to mean formal — or expensive.

While visiting him at his Atelier, Federico gave me the full Made To Measure experience spreading out fabric swatches, different colored thread, buttons, and luxury catalogs made exclusively for the BSPK brand for me to thumb through.

Put simply, BSPK provides you with the best materials in the world to create your perfect pieces. From classic suiting to vibrant printed shirts to samples of cottons, wools and silks, it was like getting lost in Willy Wonka’s factory — if Willy Wonka had a fashion factory.

The Custom Design Process

Federico explains he is constantly upgrading BSPK’s tools to deliver the best possible products to clients. “Thinking out of the box and creativity is in our DNA,” he says. Utilizing a powerful 3-D design platform, the client is able to customize every aspect of their shoe, jean, or shirt, from fabric and color to the finer details in collars, cuffs and buttons.

After the design is complete — with the help of Federico’s Made To Measure system applied at the Atelier — each pair of shoes or shirt designed is individually produced by some of the world’s most experienced craftsman, creating a perfect blend of time-honored artistry, modern design, and personal taste.

“Our custom shoes are handcrafted to the client’s exact specifications in our factory in Spain,” Federico says. “The same facility that produces footwear for some of the largest international luxury brands today.”

To paint a picture, these premier Spanish cobblers are specially trained in “mastering the complex construction and finishing of more than 75 shoe styles,” from classic oxfords to contemporary cupsole sneakers.

To have a brand that hits the trifecta of quality craftsmanship, custom design, and affordability is impressive to say the least, not to mention nearly unheard of.

While any brand can throw around buzzwords like "high quality," "luxury" and "sustainability" when describing its products and promises, not every brand can provide such desirable characteristics. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and I can assure you BSPK delivers. 

How it Works

First, you book an appointment. This can be done at the BSPK Atelier or the client’s home or office. Next comes the fun part, the design. Here, Federico helps clients design their garments exactly how they want them, with unlimited design and customization options at their fingertips to ensure uniqueness.

Then comes the measurements. A unique pattern is created for each client based on their body’s measurements. This pattern will then adapt to the client’s body, fitting to the client’s desire.

Finally, a 30-minute “final fitting” will be scheduled where the client tries their new garments on. From there, Federico will assess the fit to make sure everything is just right.

If it's jeans we're talking about, Federico will measure you based on his simple made to measure system. First, the customer tries on a sample pair of jeans at the BSPK Atelier. “The jeans which feel the best will function as the foundation,” Federico said. Next, the customer selects the denim of their choice, including the style, wash, buttons, and stitching.

From silver or yellow lacquered buttons to the shape of the backpocket to the pony hair or suede patch on the waistband, the customer is able to completely customize their jeans. Additional design choices range from your classic blue jean denim to black jeans to khaki pants and beyond.

“Our goal is to help clients be the best version of themselves,” Federico concluded. “We will help every client look stylish and elegant according to their desires and tastes. Style, whatever that means to you, is important because it is your own. It makes you feel at your best, completely comfortable with yourself, without the necessity of following trends.”

And ladies, stay tuned for BSPK’s women's line coming soon. The same custom designed business model will be available to women, allowing you to create the custom wardrobe you've always wanted, from red-bottom loafers to perfectly tailored jeans and beyond.

Address: 151 Greenwich Avenue, 3rd floor


IG: bspk_shoesandclothing_c

"My head was spinning with what I should do next. I discovered the lack of tailors in the area and decided to do BSPK. I had the opportunity to complete the business with shirting and suits and I took it."