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Custom Hats and Community with B.M. Franklin

One of Buckhead Village District's newest additions is here to put a hat on your head and inspire the community.

Shopping should offer an experience and a hat should tell your story. 

Brandon Franklin, the owner of B.M. Franklin, has opened up in Buckhead Village, specializing in high-end custom hats. Whether you want a western-style hat, casual cap, or even a baby bucket, Franklin intends to help you tell your story yourself through his highly-demanded headwear.

 “As we measure [a client’s] head, we’re analyzing their face, their features - trying to get an idea of what’s going to work best for them,” Franklin explains. "We try to master each person’s specific shape to complement their features, their lifestyle." This attention to detail comes from years of retail and hat-making experience. Brandon started B.M. Franklin in 2014 after first working at Ralph Lauren and then honing his craft at New York's renowned Worth & Worth. 

When Brandon decided to branch out on his own, B.M. Franklin operated out of several homes, apartments, and pop-up shops, until finally landing a storefront at 368 Broadway in Tribeca. “Great location, but 350 square feet - we didn’t even have a proper window in there,” he laughs.

While this kind of storefront is difficult to obtain in New York, the small space wasn't conducive to Brandon's business philosophy of creating an experience for every customer. "If you have a great experience and a great story to tell - that people can come in and tangibly hear, touch, feel, smell - they’re going to keep coming back," he predicts. "Experience is the new retail currency."

 Eventually, Brandon stumbled upon Atlanta and hasn't looked back since. "We got invited to come to Atlanta for a pop-up shop. Once I got down here, I just fell in love.” Built on enthusiasm for each individualized item, B.M. Franklin can thrive in a bigger space and offer more of an individualized experience for customers here. One way the business fosters this is through The Art of Hat Making Experience, a bi-weekly event where visitors can learn about how the hats are constructed and watch and help as a custom hat is made. “I encourage people to iron and steam - to really get involved in the process," Brandon says of the experience.

But it's more than just business that brought him here. Brandon believes in the Buckhead business community and is passionate about strengthening it. Like many of his neighbors at Buckhead Village, he thinks there's great potential to form lasting relationships and partnerships.

 “I hope for more togetherness, synergy, collaborations, and intentional meetings,” he says. "[Businesses should] break off and have a little bit of fun! Let’s come together and figure out how to throw our own food and wine festival. Be a part of a street food competition even if you [do] fine dining.” This, Brandon believes, will encourage people to stick around for the weekends and participate in the community. "You have to rely on people going out and talking about this.”

Visit B.M. Franklin online at, or visit in person at 256 Buckhead Ave NE

Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.