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Backyard to beach, lakeside to poolside, the perfect complement to any space

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Customize the Perfect Yard Bar

Creating the outdoor party space you want has never been easier.

The Irish have a well-earned reputation for their great pubs, rollicking parties and the perfect whiskey or pint of beer. When CoVid-19 closed the bars and restaurants, Paul Convey and Enda Crowley, two Irish friends living in New York, knew they needed to find a solution to this particular pandemic predicament. Combining their shared background in construction with their Irish roots, the two created Taverns-To-Go, customizable bars that fit into any outdoor space quickly and affordably. 

“We’ve all learned how important it is to enjoy our own space,” said Paul Convey, Taverns-To-Go’s president. “Being able to customize your own bar the way you want it, you’re able to create a social space that’s perfect for you, whether it’s a real stand-out showpiece or it blends into your current designs.”

Delivered coast-to-coast directly to your backyard, lake or beach house, to any level space where friends and family gather, Convey explains that Taverns-To-Go can be assembled and ready to decorate in less than 90 minutes. Add a television or incorporate a refrigerator or keg. Pay homage to your favorite sports team. Design the perfect girls-night-out space that makes all the girls want to stay in! The flexibility for options and designs means the possibilities are limitless. 

“While 99-percent are permanent additions, our bars can be put up and taken down if they’re just needed for a special event or party,” Convey pointed out. 

In just three years, Taverns-To-Go’s full team of carpenters has created, delivered and constructed over 2,000 bars across the country. With their growing popularity, the two Irishmen are moving forward with plans to expand their operations. And they will certainly drink to that!

  • Design details are only limited by your creativity
  • Pay homage to your favorite sports team, school or beach band
  • Backyard to beach, lakeside to poolside, the perfect complement to any space
  • Recreate your favorite tropical island vibe
  • You are able to customize your bar anyway you would like