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Customize Your Mommy Makeover for Mother's Day

It’s no secret that mothers in the Magic City are all unique with distinctly different goals.  So why wouldn’t their ideal version of the “mommy makeover” be any different? Although mommy makeovers have classically been known for consisting of breast surgery (lifts and augmentations) and tummy tucks, modern moms are realizing that their options are far more varied. Mothers who select Schaffer Plastic Surgery of Birmingham for their makeover are educated on their myriad of options available to enhance their appearances and confidence. Dr. Chris Schaffer’s expertise and professionalism are a bonus. 

Each patient at Schaffer Plastic Surgery starts with a thorough consultation, where she learns about all the different options for surgery and recovery. Pricing is reviewed upfront, so there are no surprises about cost.

“We ask the patients to prioritize what bothers them the most about their appearance or what they miss about their body or even what they never had before, and, from that information, we develop a surgical plan,” said Sarah Bullock, patient coordinator at Schaffer Plastic Surgery. She pointed out that patients’ requests can run the gamut from wanting volume restoration of their buttocks and breasts to having slimmer arms and tummies. 

“A quote is generated for them, and this becomes their own custom mommy makeover. Where possible, procedures can be combined together or done in stages to conform to the specific patient’s lifestyle,” she added. 

Frequently, it is convenient to combine surgical procedures when the body areas involved are interrelated, Bullock explained. For example, a tummy tuck and a butt lift are often combined, as fat from the abdomen may be repurposed to reshape the buttocks. 

“Liposuction is necessary to harvest fat for transfer to the buttocks. Patients benefit by removing excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, arms or lower back and further benefit when the fat is transferred to their bottom.” 

In recent years, celebrities and general media have highlighted a much curvier silhouette, noted Bullock, and this shift in popular culture has resulted in similar interests during plastic surgery consultations. Of course, many mothers simply want to get back to how their bodies looked before pregnancy. But, even these ladies are happy to learn the options that are available to them at Schaffer Plastic Surgery.

“I think most moms desire their pre-pregnancy look, but they sometimes don’t realize all that we can accomplish for them until they come for their consultation,” Bullock said.

  • Dr. Chris Schaffer

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