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Dr. Kasden's meticulous detailed photos pale in comparison to his work

Dr. Scott Kasden, owner of Kasden Plastic Surgery offers state-of-the-art technology to help decrease cellulite.

His photos highlighted in April's issue of City Lifestyle capture his meticulous attention to detail. He provides the same high degree of precision and expertise for his patients.

Ninety-five percent of his patients are women, and many are unhappy with cellulite despite trying many different modalities.

 “Cellulite can affect self image, intimacy, can affect what clothes they can and can’t wear," Dr. Kasden said. "They refuse to go to a pool or beach because they don’t like the look of their appearance.”

Until recently, there hasn’t been a safe and effective method to treat the problem. Through Dr. Kasden’s ambition and determination to achieve excellence, he is now offering subscission.

Subscission is a great technique that has been tested and proven to smooth the skin caused by elastic fibers attached under the skin causing the dimpling. A majority of the time, the procedure is performed with oral sedation and localized numbing right in the office, with minimal recovery time.

People can have the procedure “without having the added expense and hassle of dealing with the hospital system,” Kasden added.

A person can often see results immediately and will see about 80 percent of their results in just one month.

 “People do get significantly improved results with the procedure,” Kasden said.

Dr. Kasden has a strong desire to achieve the highest possible standards and to consistently produce work of exceptional quality for his clients, bringing them joy and confidence about their bodies.

 “People do get significantly improved results with the procedure.” — Dr. Scott Kasden.