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Painting a room can bring new lift to a drab room.

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Simple, budget-friendly ideas to spruce up a tired spot in your home

Everyone has a moment where they look around their home and say to themselves: Ugh, I have to do something about this.

Sometimes, it's too big and your budget and skill level won't cooperate. That's OK; the big ones can wait. But for an eager D-I-Yer who's itching to change up something at home, and wants to do it over a few days and for a price that won’t take a big bite out of their bank account, we spoke with Maria Martarella of Genuine Interiors in Red Bank to help come up with a handful of projects that most people can take on and feel both satisfied and proud when the job is done. You've got this!


Before you start on a project, you first have to choose what you want to tackle. It seems like a simple concept, but trying to do too many rooms at once, or picking something that is beyond your skill level is how a lot of DIYers get discouraged, Martarella says.

"Start on something simple and something where you can get the jitters out," she said. "People tackle too much at one time. Take one room in your home and do what you can do.

"If you sprinkle a little here and sprinkle a little there, you're going to get an unfinished look and you're going to be frustrated."


There's a massive library of resources available to homeowners looking to tackle a project, and Martarella urges everyone to tap into it.

"There's so much technology out there. Go on YouTube and you can learn how to put up wallpaper."

She also notes that a lot of companies have leaned into the DIY market by making installation videos for projects that seem intimidating, like replacing a kitchen faucet, but could be done by following the thorough instructions put out by the manufacturer.


Hire a pro. Painting a room is something that most homeowners can do on their own – though it might get a little bit messy – or even changing your cabinet hardware or installing a new mailbox for instant curb appeal – the only skill you really need for that project is the ability to dig a hole. 

But if something is too complicated or you're struggling to wrap your head around the scope of the project, that's where industry experts like Martarella can step in.

"Everybody thinks this is for the elite and is very expensive. But it’s really not," She said. "A designer will give you guidance and tell you what to tackle first and do it in phases for you."

She adds that design services can help a homeowner when their project graduates from being DIY and needs a general contractor to take over.

"I put together the look for you and now you have a 3D visual of where furniture will go, where lighting will go. Now you have something to literally show your contractor and say: this is where I want to go."

Genuine Interiors is located at 103 Maple Ave. in Red Bank. You can follow them on Instagram @genuine_interiors

  • Painting a room can bring new lift to a drab room.
  • Installing new cabinet hardware is an easy upgrade.
  • Gallery walls are eye-catching focal points of a room
  • Gallery walls are eye-catching focal points of a room
  • Gallery walls are eye-catching focal points of a room
  • New house numbers add curb appeal
  • Putting together a gallery wall
  • Painting a room is an easy way to breathe new life into a space.
  • Painting a room is an easy way to breathe new life into a space.
  • New cabinet hardware can bring some pop to a tired look.
  • Installing new cabinet hardware is an easy upgrade.

Maria's picks for a simple refresh
Changing Cabinet Hardware

Swap outdated knobs and pulls for trendy ones.
Pro tip: Look for budget-friendly hardware packs.

Making an Accent Wall
Try shiplap or beadboard; go bold with a gallery wall. Mix textures for visual interest.
Pro tip: Try removable wallpaper.

Painting a Room
Transform your space with a fresh coat. Light colors for small rooms, bold for focal walls. 
Pro tip: Create geometric shapes with painter's tape for added interest.

Installing New House Numbers or Mailbox
Boost curb appeal effortlessly. Opt for modern house numbers and a sleek mailbox.
Pro tip: Use durable materials for longevity.