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The J House Spa

Making One Client Glow at a Time, Inside and Out

Spa Manager Danielle Cervi manages the day-to-day of the J House Greenwich Spa, and isnalso a licensed esthetician — 20 years strong with no sign of stopping. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, Danielle knew she wanted to transition into wellness upon getting her skincare license. Toying with the idea of yoga and massage therapy
in her early years, skincare, as complex as it can be, felt fulfilling to her. “Skincare can be complicated for people,” Danielle states. “Working so closely with people one-on-one in this way gives me the opportunity to get to know the client and give them what they’re looking for.” Spending her days researching new skincare lines she thinks would benefit her clients (among many other managerial duties), Danielle is always searching for opportunities to get to know her clients better, which is evident as the highlight of her profession. “I want to know what products you’re using at home, what makeup you’re using, skin problems you’re looking to correct, and above all else, what your skincare goals are,” she says. “I always say if it’s not going to work in your lifestyle, it’s not going to work in your lifestyle — let’s find the routine that will.” Instead of offering trendy products or treatments, Danielle goes deep with the individuals she’s helping, finding out what is going to work with their lifestyles. “Understanding who they are, what their habits are, and what we can do to help is always the goal,” she emphasizes.

What are the benefits of a facial?
While specializing in skin beautification includes everything from body scrubs and waxing to acne treatments and microdermabrasion, the facial is an esthetician’s signature treatment. “There is a relaxation aspect — one of the reasons I’m in the industry — to laying back and getting your skin cleaned,” Danielle tells me of getting a facial. She explains that during a facial, your pores are able to open up (in a way they can’t from washing your face at home) to release toxins held in the body. “Your products will be absorbed better after a facial,” Danielle adds. “To have a professional exfoliation is so helpful in extractions, and it re-inspires people to take care of their skin when they leave their appointments and head back into their busy lives.”

Start Your Year Off Right
One self-care tip to start our year off right? Staying hydrated. Taking your hydration to the next level, “You want to add electrolytes to your water,” Danielle advises. “Whether it’s berries, ginger or sea salt, these all increase the health of our cells which in turn increase the appearance of our skin.” This is excellent advice as she informs me that common complaint from people looking to rejuvenate their skin include the appearance of wrinkles and dull-looking skin — both culprits of being dehydrated. By adding a little something to your water, be it half a lemon or a pinch of Himalayan salt, this can really be effective in keeping your skin healthy.

Wellness Trends To Look Out For
While we’re on the topic of self-care, what wellness fads can we expect to see in 2023? Danielle says the two top treatments she has been seeing a lot of lately are microneedling and LED light therapy. “Microneedling is where it’s at,” she reiterates. “It is a great treatment for anti-aging.” As is LED light therapy, which she expects to see more of in the new year, for people wanting to improve the look and health of their skin.

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