Daswani Clothiers

West Hartford’s Go-To Shop For Men’s Clothing

Daswani Clothiers in West Hartford Center is a true gentlemen’s clothing boutique. 

The family-owned men's tailor and clothing store on Farmington Avenue has offered the finest hand-tailored workmanship, leading stylized consultations and exceptional customer service for nearly 50 years. Delivering a uniquely personalized experience, Daswani's talented and experienced staff provide a wealth of knowledge of menswear merchandise, custom tailoring, and an unparalleled ability to create a distinctively comfortable customer visit. 

The current owner, Manoj Daswani, told West Hartford Lifestyle about being a fourth-generation custom tailor.

“I grew up in the custom trade. My grandfather was a fabric supplier, and my father was a direct salesperson who wanted to settle and set up a brick-and-mortar establishment.” 

The family was drawn to the Northeast for its abundance of professional men and started their first skilled custom menswear shop in 1977. In 2007, Daswani Clothiers began designing and making their own brand and private label merchandise and even have a tailor on site. Manoj also is a trained tailor. 

The store’s mission is to define contemporary menswear on its own terms.

“This is what custom comes down to: I don't want to be everything to everyone. I want to be the best suit in their closets. And I'd like to be able to offer all possibilities.” 

Manoj sees menswear as a unique clothing arena. 

“We find customers coming in when they have to step up to the big leagues of their companies or their trades, businesses, conventions, and trade shows. Business trips where men seem to want to raise the bar for themselves. And I like that.” 

He went on to define what a businessman’s ideal closet might include. 

“There are the bread-and-butter staples. There should be a navy blue and a black or gray suit. And some blazers.  And then a couple of pants, khakis, gray, maybe a brown or olive, charcoal, a few staples. There are different ways to figure out what someone needs. But if you're going into a job that requires suits, there's a method to that.”

Within their resources of warehouses, suppliers and vendors, they can supply upscale menswear at an unparalleled quality level.

“I want the integrity of our brand to be that the next thing they get from us only keeps getting better every year. Season after season, what do our customers not have, what could they need, how do we make them or get them the next best thing?”

Daswani Clothiers is very hands-on in creating clothing for every man, but Manoj says the most important thing is figuring out what customers don’t have. What could they need? How does this business make them or get them that can take them to the next level in their wardrobe options.  Like everything else in the luxury tangible world, what's the top tier and how do you get to that pinnacle of excellence? 

“My door's always open, come on in. At the most, we'll show you some things. It's always free to test drive. If you need a tailor, that's when we're going to show you what we can do. But otherwise, we're a humble, good men's store to work with. And there's so few of those left in the world that I want to protect and keep that trade going.” 

Daswani Clothiers

959 Farmington Ave.


Online: Daswaniclothiers.com

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