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Lauren Sternberg, M.D.

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Dear Younger Selves

Newtown Area Ladies Reflect On Advice They Would Give Themselves Earlier In Life

Contemplate for a few minutes what it would be like to travel back in time, hang out with one's self for a day, and provide a pep talk about life and opportunities, complete with encouraging tips and bits of wisdom. What would that advice be? How many comments would be about how things would have been different 'if only...?' Newtown City Lifestyle was fortunate to get ideas about just that concept from a handful of savvy, local women. Take a look to compare notes.

Kelly LeDonni
Co-founder, Gigi Project, Inc.

What Kelly would tell her younger self:  
"'We live our lives forward but understand them backward.' I first heard this quote from a chaplain at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Sister Alice Strogen. She told my husband and me this invaluable advice when our 30-week old preemie twins were fighting for their lives in 2010. We didn't understand the quote then as well as we do now; life is not a problem to be solved but a journey to be experienced.

There is a divide we cross sometime in our adulthood where we can better understand our past experiences. Experience is valuable and an unforgiving teacher. We know how our actions and experiences have benefited or harmed us and those around us, and it would be easier for us to share and apply this understanding to our youth. Still, we have to remember everyone has their own journey to live and reflect on. I'd try to explain to my younger self this truth, so hopefully, I'd see true blessings in a scraped knee."

Nicole Malcolm
President/CEO, Affinity Land Services       

What Nicole would tell her younger self: 
"Life can throw us curve balls and take us to places we never expected to go. Being a teen mother and facing many trials can wear you down. However, giving up is not in my DNA.

Starting a title insurance company that has turned into a successful family business has been one of my most rewarding life accomplishments. However, looking back on my life and thinking what I could have told myself as a young adult would be simple. Although things may appear to be headed in one direction, don’t fret. There is good that can be found in every situation faced.

Each obstacle is a moment to learn from and can be used to help create growth and life experience."

Lauren Sternberg, M.D. FAAD
Partner, Yardley Dermatology Associates

What Lauren would tell her younger self: 
"Take it one day at a time. Don’t panic looking at the big overwhelming picture, instead, break it into small tasks and baby step your way to achieve your goals.  

Have confidence in yourself. After years of training and endless hours of studying and sacrifice, I was finally ready to enter the world to treat patients by myself, to examine, diagnose, manage and cure skin disease. I was nervous at first and it took me many years to realize that my education had prepared me well. 

You don’t know everything, and that’s OK. Being a physician is being a lifelong student. The lessons I learn every single day from each patient are invaluable and just as important as keeping up with the ever-evolving medical literature.

Surround yourself with good support and thank them, often. I still have to remember to express my appreciation to my family, friends and my wonderful office staff that help me do what I do. They are supportive beyond words. 

And one last thing, remember to always wear sunscreen!"

Melissa Tenzer
CEO, Dress For Success

What Melissa would tell her younger self: 
"The one lesson I would tell my younger self is that work is so much more than a paycheck!

You should always strive to find purpose in everything you do in work and in life. Balancing the things you find meaningful, work, family, volunteering, friends, is the secret to happiness. I wish I had learned that lesson earlier – I’ve always been blessed to have meaningful and fulfilling work, but finding balance has been a journey.

I’ve seen the impact one person can make, and I’ve always believed in giving back to the causes and people who mean so much to me. I’ve served on boards and committees, and even though I am currently the CEO of a nonprofit, I still spend my spare time serving organizations that are important to me.

Along the way, I have learned to make sure I have balance and that I spend quality time with my family and the people I truly love."

Mary Kate Huff 
Police Sergeant, Upper Makefield Township Department, Bucks County

What Mary Kate would tell her younger self:  "Everyday is a blessing... Being in law enforcement provides a very unique perspective because we, as officers, usually see people at their worst. [During January 2021, Mary Kate became the first female officer in the history of Upper Makefield Township to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant.] My advice is to always be kind, because you have no idea what someone is going through. Your kind words or actions could make such a drastic difference in someone’s life. It’s cool to be kind. 

If you work hard, you will accomplish your goals. My constant hard work, dedication and positive mindset paid off. 

Love who you are, capitalize on your natural strengths and abilities and embrace your imperfections. That's what makes you unique. 

Don’t waste your time trying to prove yourself to others and don’t focus on external validation. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s OK! Surround yourself with the people who love and support you. Throughout life, you will gain and lose some friends along the way, as long as you stay TRUE to yourself, you will never lose!"

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