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Experience the miracle of better eyesight with Cedar Park Vision

Dr. Kimberly Wampler prides herself on fighting for private practices. That’s a big part of why she brings independent lines with stories behind the brands into Cedar Park Vision.

If you have an HSA or FSA, consider spending your remaining funds on these higher-quality glasses, frames, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

“In December, those accounts are like a ‘use it or lose it’ situation,” says Dr. Wampler. “What’s nice is that when people come in here, they can use them on anything medical—procedures, eye exams, any type of treatment we do.”

You might invest in Neuorlens, which Cedar Park Vision is an advocate of. Neurolens is an innovative glasses design, contoured to relieve you of eye strain and body pain—a great asset for those with jobs that are behind a screen.

No matter what route you take to enhance your vision, Dr. Wampler is prepared to provide preventive health care that sets you up for success in the long term.

“A young woman came to me at the beginning of the year with chronic headaches. I did a retinal photo and I saw evidence of swelling, so I told her she needed to go directly to the ER,” says Dr. Wampler. “Months later, a new patient came in. It turned out to be her mother, who told us we saved her daughter’s life because she needed two brain surgeries.”

Cedar Park Vision has overseen the improvement of children's reading levels, initiated treatment to manage myopia through puberty, and helped eliminate vertigo in older patients.

For Dr. Wampler and her team, their job is about so much more than just what’s in their optical shop. It’s about positively impacting each and every patient’s quality of life.

“It’s a whole experience from the time you come in, to the time you leave. That’s why patients come back. We have some who will go next door and just stop in to say hello or give a hug,” says Dr. Wampler. “Our culture adds to our patient success.”

Take advantage of your HSA or FSA with Cedar Park Vision before your funds expire! Go to cedarparkvision.com or visit in person at 908 W Whitestone Blvd Suite 100.

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