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Declutter & Donate

The Well Ordered Space Shares Tips on Clearing Sentimental Clutter

Meet the sister-run luxury home organization business, The Well Ordered Space. Errin and Kelly are declaring spring "declutter & donate season," saying the first step to decluttering is determining what to part with. As this can be an emotional process, here are 5 self-discovery questions to help simplify your living space courtesy of the dynamic duo.

Am I honoring this item or am I afraid to let it go?

Ask yourself if the item is still serving you or someone in your home; to honor an item means to give it purpose and value. For example, you might be holding onto a toy that your child has outgrown... imagine the happiness it could bring someone else.

Am I hanging onto this because it was expensive?

The hard truth is that the money is already gone and recouping the full value is unlikely. It’s OK to let go of something you no longer enjoy.

Does this fit my current style?

Consider clothing, for example. Has it been through two seasons without being worn? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to part ways.

Would I repurchase this item?

If this item was lost, would you repurchase it again? If the answer is yes, keep it with confidence.

Am I holding onto this item out of guilt?

Guilt is a negative emotion; consider the positive feeling of donating. Grant yourself grace; you don’t have to feel responsible for things your loved ones have given or have left to you.

  • Kelly and Errin, The Well Ordered Space
  • Errin and Kelly, The Well Ordered Space