Decorating For Fall

Let's welcome the fall season into our homes with these decor ideas

Ah fall… one of my favorite times of the year. The time for cozy relaxation and the sweet smell of pumpkin pie. The leaves will soon be changing from bright green to warm oranges, reds, and browns. It’s time to start decorating your home for this lovely season. Here’s a guide on some must have items to get your home fall ready.


Fall isn’t truly fall without sunflowers. A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers with the vase decorated with burlap and twine will liven up wherever it’s placed.

Front Door Wreath

A fancy wreath made up of orange leaves, pine cones, and mini pumpkins will give your guests a warm welcome!


There are endless ways to decorate with pumpkins! Whether it’s with glass pumpkins, painted pumpkins, carved pumpkins, or just plain ol pumpkins, you can’t go wrong!

Scented Candles

Once the decorating is done, there is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in the cozy room with fall scented candles. Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, or apple and cinnamon are great options!

Cozy Blankets

Chunky knit blankets are not only cozy, but they make the home look great and are perfect for fall!

Fresh Baked Treats

Having the aroma of a fresh baked pie or homemade cinnamon rolls not only makes a sweet treat but is pleasing to the eyes. These baked goods are perfect for fall!


Don’t forget to place your fall doormat at the front porch!

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows for fall will make the room feel more cozy and get everyone in the fall spirit!

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